What Pros Do You Love To Hate?!
By Kickntrue on 5/18/10
This is just a terrible (awesome) topic to discuss on oob- because really, who are we to love to see someone fail? Answer = We're human.

If someone watched over me like a hawk and rejoiced in my every failure I'm sure I'd be one sad depressed little worker. But- I don't make millions and expose myself to the scrutiny which is why I can say without too much embarrassment that I smiled today when seeing an article about Vijay Singh falling out of the top 50 in the World Golf Rankings for the first time since 1992! I have no good reason- I just don't like that guy. To me- he's Notre Dame football, the New York Yankees, or the LA Lakers. The funny thing is- he's really not at all. You could say that about Tiger or Phil, but not Vijay. Still- I don't like him.

I suspect you guys have pro's like that as well? I'd guess Sergio would be on a few "most disliked" lists, but again, there's not an overwhelming good reason to dislike him in the same way you'd dislike a frontrunner. Of course one big difference is that golf is an individual sport- so maybe that's the big difference...?

So- let's here'm. It's time to make public your secret fail-pleasure. I've shared and the feeling of coming clean is quite refreshing!

Vijay Falls In Rankings

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mjaber says:
Zack Johnson. I just don't like him. He looks like the uber-preppy, born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth kid that everyone hated in high school.
mmontisano says:
Ben Crane. just because he's slow.
Swingem says:
TW!!!! Also Rory Sabatini and Ben Crane; Sabatini because he finished out a hole while Crane was still in the fairway. Crane, because he was so slow that Sabatini felt compelled to finish out the hole while he was still in the fairway.
tennesseeboy says:
I won't mention his name but I'll give you a hint. PINK SHOES.
kyfrydan says:
Lee Westwood is a pompous ass. People will be cheering and clapping two holes away and he will still say "quiet please". I also thought his comments about Boo Weekley and playing in America at the Ryder Cup made him look like a whiny douche as well.
white_rabbitt says:
Vijay for me too!(for no good reason either) and Rory Sabatini
tennesseeboy says:
Okay, here's another hint.

mmontisano says:
i can't believe no one is saying Colin Montgomery.

@kyfrydan - if you had some random person you're playing with at your local muni start riding there driver like a coked up rodeo clown right after they piped one down the middle of the fairway, wouldn't you say something about them too?
mmontisano says:
their, not there. sorry about that.
MJKern44 says:
Phil..when he was at Oakmont, he spent the whole week crying about how difficult the rough was. I always routed for him prior to that, but that was my turing point. And Freddie Couples! (Just kidding! How can anyone dislike that guy)
Shankapotamus says:
Angel Cabrerra- I don't root against the guy. I just don't want to see him win anymore majors.

I also like to see HWSNBN play miserably because it makes him more human and I somehow feel better about my game when such a great player struggles. However, in general, I like to see him in the hunt even though he is not my fav.
TravisMiller says:
I don't watch enough golf to pick someone who I would like see fail. I would rather have them all playing at the top of their games so they could create a great competition to keep suspense and intensity up.

So Instead I give you the question: Who is one golfer you would love to watch (past or present) playing at the top of their game?

Mine, Payne Stewart, was always my favorite golfer.
manny.101 says:
Tiger Woods. I believe that the new younger talent coming through will do a lot better. Such as McIlroy, Kim and Villegas.
PGA Tour Driven says:
sergio hes a head case and a half, tiger woods he whines a lot and sick of his attitude.

P.S i know this isnt the topic but i luv Steve Stricker, Great guy and amazing game! just saying
lcgolfer64 says:
Rickey (get a haircut, ya girly man) Fowler... Please stop the whole 'skater-boy-gangster-wanna-be-hat pulled over the ears' look thing before it ever gets too far down the path, please!
Trip says:
Leave Fowler alone, he adds some style to the PGA... I'd have to say Tiger... Let him fall as far a Karma determines and let the young guns step up!
nobaddays says:
sabatini, garcia, weir- dislike
stewart, snead, jones- on the top of thier game
HotBacon says:
It used to only be Phil. But the more I see Ricky Fowler, the more he inches up to that top spot.
DougE says:
I enjoy a good duff from any of them from time to time. Makes me realize that no one is THAT perfect and gives me hope for my own game.
Matt F says:
HWSNBN is about the only one. Although if anyone is matched up against my 3 below, I'll always hope they blow up.

Allenby, Scott and Ogilvy, when at the top of their game, are great.

Banker85 says:
i dont want to see any fail really, i like the best competition possible.

why would anyone want to watch guys sucking it up on the course? I watch becasue how good they are, it is amazing.

also TIGER WOODS is the best so i love to see him play his best. When he does not it is a huge disapointment, just like when i dont play my best.

if i like to see anyone fail it is my father in law, i love whopping his fat ass all over the course.
chris9594 says:
tiger woods because i love seeing him chuck his clubs around like a 9 year old and its hilarious because hes an idiot
scott mccaron because he called phil mickelson a cheater even though he was inside the rules
robbie.dejarnette says:
Definitely VJ! At the Buick Open late 90's, just off 18 near the scoring tent, near a little girl, about 11, wearing braces on her legs with walking canes. Everyone near her was wearing "Make a Wish" yellow shirts so we realized why she was there. Many players stopped and said hello, signed her event book, gave her stuff and wished her well on the way to sign their cards. VJ comes off 18 with an event coordinator steering him over to her, VJ shrugs the guy off saying "it's a penalty not to sign the official scorecard directly after finishing 18" (direct quote!)

VJ is an A-HOLE and barring him, the little girl will have memories to last a lifetime, that hopefully, will be a LONG lifetime!
The People's Champ says:
Phil Mickelson for making such a big deal about the grooves rule and insisting on using the Ping wedges. If everyone else is following the rule what makes you so damn special? Douche bag.
aaronm04 says:
Phil. His course management skills make me cringe. Sure, he pulls the shots off at times, but he has to because he's only in the fairway a little more than half the time.
Duke of Hazards says:
Don't get me wrong, I like Daly, but his on-course antics when struggling amuse me. Same goes for TW and Woody Austin.
nickp says:
Whatever player starts blowing up in front of the cameras when they are losing. I really enjoy watching those people fail harder.
elhacker says:
I love to see Phil the goody two shoes choke. I root for the bad guys to win. I'm the kind of Guy who wants Darth Vader to rule the universe and Will E Coyote to eat that freaking road runner.
wrhall02 says:
TW for the same reasons mentioned above...his antics after hitting a bad shot. It's like watching a spoiled 5 year old brat throwing a tantrum at the store because Mom didn't buy him the toy he wanted...
darwinn says:
Nick Faldo, when he was still playing.
falcon50driver says:
lcgolfer64 says:
Rickey (get a haircut, ya girly man) Fowler... Please stop the whole 'skater-boy-gangster-wanna-be-hat pulled over the ears' look thing before it ever gets too far down the path, please!23 hours ago...................At least Jesper Parnevic stopped wearing his hat with the bill flipped up looking like Gomer Pyle.......get a clue Fowler
Agustin says:

On the other hand, I would like to play a round with Rocco Mediate. He just seems like a fun , down to earth guy.
dmsmith20 says:
I love to see Phil Fail, he is the jeff gordon of golf. Favortie player to watch would be tiger woods. Show me someone who isn't upset when the screw somethin up and i will show you a liar
brianshaffer32 says:
Mike Weir and Phil. Weir because when I went to the WGC at Doral this year he set up in a corner where no one could see him on the range. I like to see Miguel Jimenez play well, random I know but that guy is the man! Phil only because he just seems like the biggest tool in the world. As for like I would go with Phil and Tiger. There isn't better players in the world so who wouldn't want to watch them play golf when they are hitting it at their best...
cantput4fuk says:
Allenby - not Appleby

Allenby is a wanker
Mr H says:
I am sick to my yellow teeth of Woods throwing the toys out of the pram. **** him and his ***king white teeth.
cheymike says:
He isn't even playing anymore, but Johnny Miller. AARRGGHHH... I'd love to beat that guy with a 5 iron.
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