High Schooler To Make Cut At Nelson
By mustang6560 on 5/21/10
by Nathan Trifone, oobgolf Contributor

Jordan Spieth, a native of Dallas, finished his first round with a 2-under 68 and his second with a 1-under 69 at the HP Byron Nelson Classic in Irving, Texas. He is the youngest player ever to play at this tournament and he is on his way to becoming the sixth youngest player to make the cut at a PGA Tour event.
Jordan Spieth wasn’t kidding when he said earlier this week that maybe we shouldn’t dismiss his chances of contending.

With the cut line currently projected at even par, Spieth is in good shape to make the weekend if he can hang on for the rest of his round. Should that happen, Spieth (16 years, 9 months, 24 days) would be the sixth youngest player in TOUR history to make a cut.
Clearly Spieth is good so you should be more impressed than surprised. The fact he is in the hunt to make the cut shows the kid has some backbone and isn't afraid of the pressue at TPC Four Seasons Resort and Club.

My apologies for the picture. There are no pictures of Jordan I could use and this is the ONLY picture related to Dallas I could find. Enjoy!


In other news, looks like Vijay Singh will miss the cut by a long-shot and will be forced to qualify for the U.S. Open and British Open if he decides to play. Who knows, he may decide not to?

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Clint24 says:
Still havnt beaten Andrew's picture...
lcgolfer64 says:
Thinking this was merely a side-move by Nathan before declaring 'checkmate' - I might read past the headline, ...nah
mustang6560 says:
i have a week. give it time :)
birdieXris says:
I"ll have a picture or two for you one of these days. specially taken for oob.
sepfeiff says:
This kid is the real deal. I'm working at the Byron Nelson this week and had the honor of recording his first shot in a PGA tounament with the shotlink. 310 and dead center.
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