Golf's New Generation
By mustang6560 on 5/26/10
by Nathan Trifone, oobgolf Contributor

Have we reached a turning point in the current generation of golf? Did Jason Day's victory and 16-year-old Justin Spieth's great run at the HP Byron Nelson Classic signal the beginning of the next generation of golf?
So I am not one to write off Tiger Woods or any of his over-30 brethren. But it is worth taking note of 22-year-old Jason Day’s victory in last weekend’s Byron Nelson Championship, along with 16-year-old Jordan Spieth who grabbed headlines with a top 20 finish. Dustin Johnson, 25, was tied for seventh in the same field. And the Nelson results come a few weeks after 21-year-old Rory McIlroy won the P.G.A. Tour stop at Quail Hollow.

As Woods wanders in the eerie darkness of a golf game lost — contrasted by the weakening drain of tabloid celebrity spotlight -– it is easy to wonder if the young guns raised in his image are now taking their first steps to claim the throne from their idol.
I wouldn't go as far to say the tides are forever changing in golf. However, the reality is Tiger is not as young as he used to be and he can't be the greatest forever. So what does that mean?

But, I think Tiger's recent fall from grace has opened the door for other golfers. Now the Rory McIlroy's, Day's and even the Spieth's of the golfing world can see that the number one ranking maybe a little more open for contention. The fact Tiger is not playing well is bad for ratings. Tiger's vulnerability gives other golfers confidence to know Tiger is not invincible.

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activesense says:
The new breed are certainly making their mark on golf, but the old masters still have a trick or two up their sleeve. I am sure that 20 years down the road, Tiger will still be a factor in golf. He wont be bombing it 300+ down the fairway, but he will still see top 10 finishes now and then.
Backquak says:
Is that a range finder? Are they legal for PGA now?
tcjonny says:
range finders are legal for practice rounds. caddies usually are always equipped with a laser rangefinder and a level during practice rounds.
mustang6560 says:
@activesense- agreed. I think Tiger will be playing golf into his 50s and beyond like Tom Watson. He'll make runs now and again but you wonder if he's peaked or not?
Banker85 says:
Tiger is still young in Golf Years, probably his best might still be ahead. God people love to bash the best, in any sport.
mustang6560 says:
@banker85- it's not about bashing Tiger. It's about whether or not Tiger will regain his complete dominance of golf again. look at pete sampras and roger federer. federer beat pete at the 2001 wimbledon and that turned out to be the beginning and end of an era.
cheymike says:
How many 20ish golfers have been declared the heir to the throne, only to fade away into Duval-ville? Hopefully one will come along soon who does more than one or two wins over a 6 year period.
Swingem says:
@cheymike- I agree, to a point. The only caveat is that Duval made it to #1 in the world rankings. TW could be the next to "fade away into Duval-ville". We'll just have to wait and see.
Werepuppie says:
This talk of Tiger's demise is way,way to premature.Let us review here.Tiger finished well at the Masters,then failed to make the cut at Quail Hollow,I believe that was the 3rd cut he has EVER missed.Let me repeat,3 cuts out of a zillion tournaments.Then he was not a factor at Sawgrass,but then again he was injured.He withdrew which was the right move as he had no chance to win,why risk further injury.Nobody would question Tiger's willingness to play through pain when it counts,just see the 2008 US open.
Why then do so many people feel that his career is over?It seems like they WANT it to be over.Well do not hold your breath.Tiger has every chance to still win Golfer of the year this year.Even if he does not win it,he will next year.Tiger is only 34 yrs old.He has the talent to win on tour well into his 50's if we judge by past performance.
The analogy of Sampras and Federer is not relavant to golf.Tennis is a very physical sport.Older players are at a severe disadvantage.Golf is not nearly so one sided.
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