Theo Walcott Cut On Golf Course
By Kickntrue on 6/2/10
England's Theo Walcott was left off the English World Cup squad yesterday, and learned of the news on the golf course. Normally, I wouldn't take such joy in a thing like this, except the USA has to play England in 10 days so trash talking can officially commence (especially since I probably won't be able to trash talk in 11 days).
Walcott had braved the rain on Tuesday and decided to spend a few hours on the golf course.

He had thought it would be the last chance to really unwind before flying to South Africa and was joined at his local Brocket Hall Club by a friend and a close relative. Walcott’s mobile phone was switched on, but the natural expectation was that their round of golf would be disturbed by nothing more than a text message to confirm his inclusion in the final England 23.

When Walcott’s phone suddenly rang and he heard Fabio Capello’s voice at the other end, his stomach immediately began to churn.
Of course- none of this really makes too much sense to be happy about because it's not like Walcott is hurt, the manager just decided another player was better, so really, I should be hoping Walcott somehow made the team since he was the inferior player. But if he made the team, then he'd be the superior player and I would've needed to root for the lesser player to make it? It's a Catch-22... BUT- the real win here is controversy. Walcott was expected to make the team and didn't- so maybe it'd shake England up a bit and throw off team chemistry. Of course- none of that will matter if Gooch doesn't get into form REAL quick and figure out a way to shut down Rooney.

Why is this all on oobgolf? Because it can be (and it did involve a golf course)- and I'm as jacked about the World Cup as any sporting event since... well, the last World Cup 4 years ago.

Feel free to rep your country in the comments below!

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[UPDATE - Not going to embed because there is language (and racist) issues but here is a funny video I found that may get American's pumped up for the World Cup - "I Speak American"]

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mustang6560 says:
as an arsenal fan, it's tough to believe walcott was overlooked for the english squad. as an american, U-S-A, U-S-A! Revolutionary war part 2!!
TeT says:
Hey, Saturday morning will find me glued to the match. Golf can wait till Sunday...
mbills1015 says:
walcott had a terrible year in the EPL so its not surprising at all that he wasn't included in the World Cup team. He was included 4 years prior more for the experience than anything else, and his growth over the last 4 years can be summed up by saying.... disappointing. I hope the US can atleast get out of there group and they can play some semblence of soccer. Otherwise I'm rooting for Holland as my #2 country of choice.
BME_Badger says:
I'm more concerned about the outside backs than Gooch and Demerit in the middle. Can't wait for the 12th to get this kicked off. Would love a win, but a draw would be a respectable result against England. I expect the US to bunker in early to attempt to frustrate the English attack and try to get what they can with quick counters. Maybe loosen things up as the game goes on and the English are pressing a bit more. Have to protect against giving up an early goal because they are strong defensively.

Golf will have to wait for a few weeks.
Bernie Duffer says:
The United States is on a one game World Cup winning streak against England. The U.S.A. beat England at the 1950 World Cup...the last time the two teams played.
activesense says:
As a Brit living in the USA I am suffering with torn loyalties. Ahhh, who am I kidding, I was born in Wales, not England... Go Team USA.
activesense says:
Insider tip for an underdog team - Ivory Coast. You read it here first.
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