"It Split My Eyeball Like A Tomato"
By Kickntrue on 6/2/10
Instead of a short title- with explanation I decided to go with one of the quotes in the story instead. By the way- "It" is a golf ball. Ughh.

The best part- this story is actually uplifting.
Four years after an errant golf ball cost him the sight in his left eye, Australia's David Fox is reveling in his first hole-in-one, The Courier-Mail reported in its Tuesday edition.


Incredibly, the same Rescue club he swung when his ball took a cruel ricochet in 2006 is the one he used to ace the 11th hole at the Nudgee Golf Club, seven miles from Brisbane's central business district, recently.

"I was never the person to moan 'Why me?' when I lost my eye because I was lucky there was no more permanent damage," the Nudgee Golf Club finance director said.

"I dropped a ball in haste that was too close to a solid wooden hazard marker, flushed the shot and the ball came back at me just as quickly.

"It split my eyeball like a tomato and I lost the lens and retina in the surgeries that followed."
Umm... I think I'm going to throw up. Congrats on the ace though dude!

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greendevil says:
Oh great; now I'll be thinking of this story the next time my ball is behind a tree. Thanks AB.
Kickntrue says:
@greendevil- I notices you're rocking the Reds logo lately. How about talking to the skip about getting Chris Heisey a little more playing time?! First ever major leaguer from my alma mater.
jefs2box says:
Definitely makes me want to play with some good impact-resistant sunglasses on. Or maybe just close my eyes when I'm hitting it out of the woods.
c5agalb says:
I once hit a tee marker in front of me and had a ball come right back at me, guess I was fortunate.
greendevil says:
@Kickn; I would love to see Heisey get more playing time; he's done well when he does play. Unfortunately, he's not going to get playing time ahead of either Gomes or Bruce until they cool off; booting Stubbs from the lineup is really the only option right now. Plus, it wouldn't do me any good to talk to Baker; he listens to nobody.
kregan says:
I have a subcontractor that did the same thing but hit a rock. Ball flew back and hit him in the eye.
Banker85 says:
its even worse he hit the shot that "spilt his eyeball like a tomato" eww
Kurt the Knife says:
Kurt the Knife says:
When I think of splitting something, tomatoes don't come to mind.

Bananas do!!!
nyuk nyuk nyuk
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