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The Gangs Of Myrtle Beach
By Kickntrue on 6/3/10
Thugs are running rampant through Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, stealing golf carts left and right!
North Myrtle Beach Police arrested two men Saturday after an officer says he saw the men steal a golf cart. Now investigators are trying to figure out if the men are responsible for other golf cart thefts.

Several people around North Myrtle Beach say they have recently heard more stories about stolen golf carts.
Criminals are so stupid. "Men" implies these weren't teenagers (though they could've been 18 or 19) which means they should be stealing much cooler things than golf carts. That's silly kid's stuff! If you're going to do something that results in an arrest and potential jail time, make it worth your time. What are you going to do with a golf cart? Is there a black market I don't know about? Are you going to roll up on a golf course and save $20 by having your own cart? Or- (this is the right answer) are you just a moronic Neanderthal?

Just for fun... here is a list of 5 (easy) things I'd steal instead of a golf cart:

1) One of those really awesome expensive universal remotes
2) Range balls from a golf course
3) Batteries
4) Road cones
5) Anything of value from a kid

Stay tuned for more Myrtle Beach news this afternoon on oob! I don't want to give away the surprise but let's just say someone may have a chance to play "cops" with Kevin and I and track down these bastards!

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TeT says:
There is a booming business for used golf carts, with little or no regulation, checks or controls in place.
radicalgolfcarts says:
With times really hard, those thieves will probably use the golf cart as a regular car. If they bring it out of state who's gonna know it's stolen?
Torleif Sorenson says:
I now officially propose that an entrepreneur invent a golf-cart application of LoJack:

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