Rickie Time!
By Kickntrue on 6/4/10
I usually only do one "current PGA-Tour event update" on the first two days- but Rickie Fowler has played well enough to get his own post. The 2nd round is still happening- but I'd make a substantial bet that Rickie will be teeing off last tomorrow. He's currently leading having finished his first two rounds at -13, 4 clear of the next best golfer at this point. There are a lot of players still on the course- but he's in great position.

Tiger played a solid second round and will make the cut easily at -3, though making up at least 10 shots on the weekend won't be easy.

Other guys, blah blah blah, as well.

Different topic- also much discussed- but MAN, Rickie can pull off an outfit. If I wore what Fowler did today (pictures available on PGATour.com link), you'd think it was Halloween, or that I stole a tablecloth and fashioned into a man-blouse. Yet on Rickie... I mean, it almost get's me going. Almost.

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mjaber says:
What a great pick by me for my fantasy golf team this week. Go Rickie Go!!!! :)
Swingem says:
Hate the hat and hair, question if the homemade swing will hold up, love the way he's played the first two rounds. Let's see what ya got on Saturday and Sunday Ricky.
ElGalloGigante says:
Hell, I'm gay for Rickie. Had I actually had any talent, I'd probably be trying to cut it up like Rickie does out there with his SoCal style. Only I would have tried to resurrect Hang Ten or Op has a sponsor.

Kid is living the dream, staying true to his roots, and can only help attract more youth to the game. Here's hoping he holds on 'til Sunday afternoon.
greendevil says:
I'm pulling for him; I'd love to see a rook take down the big boys.
tennesseeboy says:
I'm pulling for him. He'll stop dressing like a kid when he grows up. He's has been very impressive since he turned pro. I hope he lives up to his potential. We need a new Tiger.
chadmicheal07 says:
Im 22 and have only golfed for a few years. Rickie and I are about the same size and i also have never taken lessons. now i know my shot at being on the same level is slim to none, but to see a guy who is just a natural is inspiring. I'm definitely cheering for him...GO Rickie GO!!!
mmontisano says:
@Swingem - why question a non-manufactured swing? If Ray Floyd and Lee Trevino can win multiple majors, this kid can. his swing isn't nearly as bad as the 2 i just mentioned.
Swingem says:
@badcaddy-I'm not dissing his swing, the comparison to Floyd and Trevino is legit, I was thinking the same thing myself. Maybe there's even a little early Duval and Sergio in there. Hope it holds up, I'd like to see him take this thing home.
lcgolfer64 says:
Okay I got chime in here as a I was a bit a of Rickie 'hater' in an earlier article here (not really, just the hat style really bugs me, I had to find SOMETHING!) I'll come out publicly and say: It is pure jealousy...

Not quite a man-crush but c'mon - I gotta go with ElGallo, the kid is livin’ the dream.
1. Dirt-bike dude
2. Surfer dude
3. 20’s Pro golfer on non-manufactured swing

and then plays as amazing as he does. What is there not to be jealous of?... Changed my mind – I’m a hater again (just kidding)
mjaber says:
Say it ain't so, Rickie. Say it ain't so.
tennesseeboy says:
Too bad. He's finished second twice. It's only a matter of time. I will say this, I don't see how he can swing the way he does past age 30. It hurts to watch it in slow motion.
mjaber says:
As much as I was pulling for Rickie, the scene of Rose coming off the green and holding his son was priceless. The kid looking at him and clapping was awesome.
Duke of Hazards says:
I like this kid. His flat swing is pretty consistent. He's small, so he'll likely be able to keep his flexibility deeper into his career. I think his style is good for the PGA tour, makes him distinct. Still think Ishikawa has best game potential for his age, though.
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