Rose Topples Fowler For First Win
By Kickntrue on 6/7/10
I kept hearing that Justin Rose's win at the Memorial yesterday was his first on the PGA Tour and figured it had to be a mistake. I feel like Rose is a pretty big name- and someone who at least for some time has been hyped beyond belief. It hits home harder when he's going head to head with the current "star of the moment" Rickie Fowler and you realize how hard it actually is to win on the PGA Tour. It also makes you realize how great golf can be that it allows for a 25 year career. Rose, won his first event (in America) yesterday and is just 29. He could very well still win multiple events and even majors before he hangs up his spikes, yet if you ask most, they would've probably guessed he was burned out and washed up. That's golf!
"I've had a few close calls over time, and you start to sometimes wonder why you can't get it done," Rose said.

Rose ran off three straight birdies before the turn, made a 20-foot par putt to keep his momentum, then seized control when Rickie Fowler took a double bogey with a tee shot into the water on the 12th hole. Fowler shot 73 to finish three shots behind.

When he tapped in for par on the final hole, Rose thrust his fist in the air slammed it down, as joyful as he was when he burst onto the golf scene 12 years ago as the 17-year-old amateur who tied for fourth in the 1998 British Open.
I think most everyone was rooting for Fowler, but I feel pretty comfortable thinking he'll have his day. It would've been nice to get that first win under his belt, but Rose was the better player. Fowler got off to such a hot start (Thursday and Friday) that you felt like he could run away with it- but his weekend was pretty mediocre. Still- this was his 5th top 10 of 2010 as well as his second, 2nd place finish. He's going to get there- and probably real soon.

Instead of spending the next paragraph talking Tiger's return, I wanted to talk Ryder Cup. In the past 10 years plus, it's always been the USA's dominant talent against Europe's team chemistry. Between Rory McIlory, Lee Westwood, Justin Rose, Padraig Harrington. Ian Poulter and Martin Kaymer I don't think the USA needs to worry about Europe's team chemistry, the USA needs to worry about having their butts handed to them on a platter! European (especially British) golf is BACK!

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birdieXris says:
Amen on all counts. This is going to be the year of COMPETITIVE golf. Where anything and everything can happen.
Banker85 says:
I wish i had Rose's swing. When they did the swing vision camera it is one of the most pure swings on tour right now, and this is a new swing for Rose. Quality win by quality player. was rooting for fowler though. how he hit his shot in the water is beyond belief.
mjaber says:
Did anyone else enjoy watching him hold his son right after coming off 18? The kid looked like he wasn't sure what was going on, and then just started clapping... priceless.
Swingem says:
@Banker-We agree on something :D! I was pulling for Fowler, and even liked the Sunday orange. But Rose played great and "won" the tournament. Great win by a guy who fought for it.
Banker85 says:
i am sure that was the best moment of the tournment for Rose, i know it would have been for me, seeing my son so happy like that. even though he looks too young to remember i am sure Justin wont forget.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Ditto to everything above. @Banker85, you're exactly right - the way Rose kept his head steady was absolutely remarkable. Kudos to Lance Barrow and his crew at CBS Sports for showing us that swing sequence.
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