Stewart Cink's Got Some Balls
By Kickntrue on 6/9/10
Stewart Cink held a charity event yesterday and you've got to see the photo flying around the net this morning! Zach Johnson snapped the photo and uploaded it to his Twitter account. Apparently Cink brought in a trick shot expert and entrusted his ... most prized possessions for a shot or two!

It does bring up a good question. Who would you entrust your man part to for this trick- Stewart Cink, who makes millions playing golf, or a trick shot expert who probably makes $60k a year, but practices this specific shot? I think you have to go with Cink... at least if he misses you know he has the money to PAAAAY! A lifetime of birth control PLUS a $2M settlement? Sign me up!

Zach Johnson's Twitter

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greendevil says:
Well, he is wearing a cup at least.
chief_broom says:
That picture is just wrong on so many different levels...
Swingem says:
I hope that's a tee sticking out of there.
bducharm says:
This even got mention on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption (PTI) - Tony Kornheiser said to make sure you hit it "thin to win"...
legitimatebeef says:
Indescribably dumb.
Kurt the Knife says:
poor cat. no dignity.
falcon50driver says:
legitimatebeef, you have a legitimate beef, dare I say "ditto"
scottccherry says:
Wow chill out peoples. He did it at a charity event for the fans, it's not like he gets together with this guy and does it on the weekend. It was all part of a show, and Cink, being the nice guy that he is, took part. I'm sure the audience loved it.
And, as for the question in the original post, i'm definitely letting the trick shot guy do this instead of cink. Have you ever tried to hit a ball that's teed up way high? I'm 5 inches low every time. That's called hip replacement surgery. I take the practicing guy.
Banker85 says:
I would take the trick shot guy for sure! Cink is crazy! what a good sport though!
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