See- My Vote DOESN'T Matter!
Congressman Pretends to Be Sorry, But Still Chooses Golf
By Kickntrue on 2/12/07
U.S. Republican Dan Burton (Indianapolis, IN), missed 19 votes in the House of Representitives in January to play in a golf tournament in Palm Springs, CA. I think people are being too hard on Burton. He only missed votes to reduce the cost of college, cut oil industry tax breaks and issue on Iraq. As a Republican, it's not like it mattered since they control... wait.. oops. (Story)

Burton told talk show host Greg Garrison that he made reservations to play in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic when Republicans were still in control of the House.

When Democrats took control, he did not expect them to schedule votes so early in the month. "I probably made a mistake," he said.
He said, however, he hasn't yet met the perfect person who hasn't made any mistakes.

A review of House votes for the past decade shows the Indianapolis Republican has been absent every year votes coincided with the tournament: 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2001. This year in January, he missed a total of 20 out of 73 votes.

At least he's a consistant politician. That's nice to find!

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