Robert Green Takes To Golf Course For Comfort
By Kickntrue on 6/14/10
England's (former) keeper Robert Green tried to get his mind of his terrible goal keeping by golfing yesterday in South Africa!
Just hours after his embarrassing slip up against the USA he joined the rest of the squad for 18 holes at the luxury course in the Sun City resort close to their Rustenburg base.

Green, 30, whose gaffe allowed the USA to earn a 1 – 1 draw against England in the opening World Cup clash, partnered fellow goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Also on the course were strikers Wayne Rooney and Peter Crouch, who seemed to have forgiven their England team-mate as they laughed and joked with him during their round.

Some of the squad were forced to relieve themselves in bushes half way round the luxury course in the heart of the five star resort but it is believed they made sure no members of the public were around when they did so.
I realize that last paragraph was completely unnecessary and off-topic, but how am I not going to include it?! The English media thought it was the next most important part of the story- so why wouldn't I?!

Anyway, I don't understand what Green is so sad about. He should consider himself one of the luckiest people alive to be born in a country like England. Do you know what we'd be talking about today if Robert Green was the keeper for Uruguay? I mean, sure- his home country hates him, but think how many more fans he has now in America! I'm sure there is some pathetic MLS team who could use him. American MLS clubs aren't loaded like the clubs over in Europe, so they're always looking for people to pick up the balls after practice and clean the jocks!

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Funny side story about watching the World Cup with my 1 year old on my lap. Every time there was an interesting build up I'd scoot further towards the edge of the seat on the couch. Occasionally- I'd let out a bit of a yelp when the US made a good through pass or potential scoring opportunity. Each time- my son would jump in surprise from his Dad screaming. Finally, in the 2nd half after Jozy's shot was blocked off the post Baby Brown caught on and decided this was a fun game. For the rest of the time on my lap- he'd wait a couple seconds- and then yelp/jump for joy while pointing at the tv, then turn his head to be for approval! The USA's result was fantastic, but it ended up a side note to the fun I had watching it.

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srogers13 says:
He could be from Columbia, be a defender, and kick the ball into his own goal against the US.
TeT says:
I must note that I have not seen anyone replay the shot at full speed yet... Of course everyone is crucifying him for missing an easy one. Yer 1yr old could make that save in slo mo....
sepfeiff says:
It was a really really easy stop for a world cup goalie to make. He'll get over it though, he's a great keeper.
siggy22 says:
I find the last paragraph too ridiculous to be serious.
Kickntrue says:
@siggy22- the part about my kid? maybe it wasn't clear.. he wasn't pointing at the correct times... just got into the "act" of getting excited. i don't think any parent of a young child should find that too hard to believe.
BME_Badger says:
@sepfeiff - it was a really easy save for any high school and higher keeper to make. Some basic rules of goal keeping:
- get your body behind the ball (just like baseball)
- when in doubt, push it to safety

Slo-mo or not, this was not a difficult save. It wasn't hit all that hard, and it wasn't a long stretch to reach it. The only difficult part was that it skipped twice before getting to him, but referring to the rules above he should have had his body behind his hands (if you notice he reaches to the side with his hands instead of stepping with his feet) and / or if he felt it was dangerous he should have pushed it wide of the post and given up a corner.

Also - if you haven't seen it yet - a lego replay of the game courtesy of the Guardian in the UK:
activesense says:
if he had been a South American keeper and let in a goal like that, then he would be playing his next game wearing wings and a halo. It's happened before to certain Columbian keepers who let in soft goals. Think your self lucky Robert Green. BTW am I the only person in the US who said the game would end in a tie? I called 2-2 but 1-1 is close enough for me to gloat at all the doubters. My next prediction is Ivory Coast reaching the last 8. (on the condition that Didier Drogba remains healthy enough to play the next 4 games.)
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