Remembering John Wooden - The Golfer
By Kickntrue on 6/14/10
I'm a little late to the John Wooden party, but he deserves a post. I only knew Wooden as the legend, never from his actual work. That means I also only knew him as a basketball coach and a teacher and shaper of young lives. What I didn't know, but learned from his passing last week at the age of 99, was that the Wizard of Westwood was also quite a golfer.
In 1947, at Chain of Lakes golf course in South Bend, Ind., Wooden carded a hole in one and a double eagle in a single round, a feat so rare that Golf Digest has recorded it happening only four other times.
That's just... awesome! I read elsewhere that he ended up carding a 77 that day- and despite the fact that it was a decent score for him, he wasn't happy. He said something to the extent of 77 being a pretty lousy score when you're 5 under on 2 holes!

I'd love to experience the same frustration.

LA Times Obit

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GolfGeek69 says:
Wow, simply awesome. I would just be happy with either a hole-in-one or a double eagle just once in my life. Kudos to John, a great man with a great legacy.
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