Erin Hills Gets 2017 US Open
By Kickntrue on 6/15/10
You'd think with the US Open starting in 2 days oob would be loaded with good content this week. Well- maybe if it didn't take me 8 hours to finally pre-order my new iPhone... and the World Cup wasn't on my computer all day (group of death day!).

Well- here's a fun tidbit, a day early. The USGA will announce tomorrow that Erin Hills has been selected to host the 2017 US Open. The Wisconson course is only a couple years old and seems to have built with the US Open on it's mind. I remember entering the data into oob a few years ago and being shocked by the tips, stretching to nearly 8400 yards! Umm... that should be a test. I can't wait to hear the complaining about the course in 7 years! I feel like the to play an 8400 yard course the fairways would have to be pavement... and no rough, definitely no rough allowed, with bumpers (think bumper bowling) on the sides of the holes to keep the balls in play. Wow- that's going to be interesting!

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sepfeiff says:
Holy smokes 8400 yards? Thats just ridiculous if they play that yardage. Older tour guys complain that the courses are too easy. Younger guys complain that they're too short. This will eliminate any of the older guys chances at even remotely competing in this venue. Sucks IMO.
Scott Shields says:
521 yard par 4's ... umm. yeah. Wow.
birdieXris says:
I"d play it..... just to play it. Don't care if i'd shoot 100. That's a monstrous course.
scottccherry says:
I could play the best golf of my life (as a 3 index) and not break 85. that's crazy. All the par 3's would have to be like 250 and 4's at 500. Don't even want to think about par 5's.
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