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Pebble Beach Back To Business
By Kickntrue on 6/22/10
One of the awesome things about playing major events at publicly available courses is that, well, the public can play them.
One day, Graeme McDowell was sinking the winning putt for the U.S. Open title at Pebble Beach Golf Links. The next day, casual golfers were teeing off at the same course.

Operations were returning to normal in Pebble Beach on Monday, as crews began dismantling the temporary tents, grandstands, fences, landscaping and scoreboards that accommodated more than a quarter-million spectators during last week's U.S. Open.
How freaking sweet would that be to play today?! I wonder if the first thing the staff did was go mow down the rough? I'd imagine US Open rough would lead amateurs to about 7 hour rounds. It'd be pretty fun to still have the grandstands up as well. Sure- they'd be empty, but it would make pretending a lot easier.

I need to plan ahead some year and figure out how to do play a course a day or so after a championship.... When is the Open at Bethpage again?!

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birdieXris says:
That would be really cool to play right after a major. I just played a tournament at The Greenbrier in WV. They're getting it ready for the tour to come there in a few weeks. The grandstands were mostly up (though didn't have the skins on them to make them all pretty) but of course the rough wasn't super thick. You could still tell they were well on the way to making it a tough one for the pros. There were some new bunkers in strategic places and some of the pin placements are downright nasty.
tennesseeboy says:
I could not agree more. I don't know if I will ever make the pilgrimage to play a round a Pebble Beach but I like knowing that I can if I want to. That is my biggest grip with the Masters. I don't expect them to make Augusta National a public course but they could open it up a little. It's closed all Summer anyway. Auction off a few hundred tee times a year on eBay for charity. It would give them some good publicity and it would allow all of us to dream about playing there someday.
sepfeiff says:
There would be so many lost balls just in the rough, wow!
RJSchuchman says:
I had the fortune of playing at Whistling Straits 4 days after the PGA in '04! They were taking down the grandstands as we played, and the course was actually a little beat-up, as can be expected! It was still a thrill of a lifetime, and though I didn't play the tournament tees at 7,500 yards,(I would've though, if not paired with an older couple!) we did play at 7,000 yards, and I carded a 97, less than an hour after arrival via a 6-hour drive from Grand Rapids, MI! Greens were wicked-fast, and I think it actually improved my putting, as I only 3-putted once, which is pretty solid with their speed, undulation, and size!! What got me was the beauty of the course, and also the fact that there really wasn't a level lie anywhere on those fairways....I struggle with that aspect of my game--haven't found a single driving range with uphill/downhill/sidehill lies of 4-5" yet!!! And oh, the pictures I took...WOW!! Ironically, the PGA is there this year as well!
Clint24 says:
I was thinking if I was the superintendint, the first thing I'd do when I got back to Pebble to work, would be to mow all the rough. That stuff was driving me crazy over the weekend.
Bryan K says:
I just played a little shin-dig called Forest Hills today under what has been affectionately coined as "US Open conditions". The roughs were uber long (couldn't hit a chip to save my life), the tees were way back, the pins were all at the slopiest part of the greens as close to the edges as regulations would allow, and the greens were lightning fast. Putting was a blast under those conditions. The greens were true, and I was putting out of my gourd. It's so much fun to barely gap the ball and watch it go 20'. Holding the greens with a wedge, now, was another story entirely. And the best part was the sand traps were as fluffy as air. So fluffy, in fact, that I hit my first blast shot (of two) about 150 yards with my sand wedge. Oh...the pin was only about 20 yards away.
edditude says:
I like playing these courses on the TW game. I've played the courses of Bethpage, Torrey Pines, Pebble Beach, and Pinehurst among others. Kink of interesting to see the course on TV especially the 1st 9 that you can't see. I could never afford to play these courses of course unless I've won a trip or the lottery. These courses are all amazing to watch a USGA on. I'd have to believe that Bethpage has to be the toughest of the 1's used by the USGA championship. Especially the par 5's have to be the toughest 1's of all time although the 13th at Pebble Beach is very tough as well.
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