Go golf, Barack.
Lay Off Obama's Golf (Get A Life People)
By Kickntrue on 6/22/10
Let me preface all of this by saying... I did not vote for Barack Obama. That is not a political statement- just an intro to declare this is NOT a political statement. Okay... onward-

George W. caught a lot of flack for golfing, so he quit. Obama has kept golfing, and people need to get off his back.
The latest controversies in Washington? Baseball and golf.

Despite critics questioning whether President Barack Obama should be spending time at the ballpark amid the Gulf oil crisis, he did take in Friday night's matchup between the Washington Nationals and his hometown White Sox, joined by his daughters.

But the Republican National Committee is criticizing the president not just for a night at the ballpark but a few hours on the golf course Saturday, too. Party chairman Michael Steele even linked the outings to BP CEO Tony Hayward's trip to a yacht race Saturday, something the White House joined in criticizing.
While I'm ranting, I may as well defend Tony Hayward as well. What the hell?! Barack Obama and Tony Hayward are REAL PEOPLE, just like you. Can you imagine if you were "On" for 20 hours a day with no breaks. Can you imagine the stress level associated with both of these people's lives right now? It's not like Hayward or Obama can actually swim down and stop the oil leak. They are executives. Executives job is to manage, direct, dictate and to be a public face. You can argue all you want on how good or bad a job Hayward has done for the past 63 days, or Obama for a year and a half but neither of them this Saturday could do anything more by being holed up in their houses than they could doing something relaxing like golf or attending a boat race.

The GOP needs to get a freaking life- as does Obama and his White House about criticizing Hayward. Man... at least Hayward makes millions of dollars with his job. You couldn't PAY me to be President. What a terrible job. George W. probably laughs about this every morning when he tees off for his 18.

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birdieXris says:
i concur. Let the guys play golf. Seriously. I'd rather have a well rested president than an edgy, trigger happy SOB who hasn't slept more than 3 hours in the past 2 months.
ElGalloGigante says:
Lord forbid any President enjoy Father's Day weekend...
srogers13 says:
Funny how the people who were criticizing Bush playing golf are the same ones who are defending Obama's playing.
bducharm says:
I disagree. During times of crisis (and the spill in Gulf qualifies), the President should be seen as steady and constatly taking care of business. I don't believe President Bush was playing golf within the 60 days of 9-11. When things start turning towards the positive and are not continuing to spiral downward, then he can play some golf. I am all for 18-36 holes a day - trust me. I just believe a leader should lead - not play. Personal opinion of course and I did not vote for him either!
Backquak says:
The POTUS should be able to have a family, be a father/ husband, and should definitely have some down time. If he chooses to spend that time at the golf course or some game, it should not matter. Now, if he was needed for something important and didn't leave to take care of that important situation, or at least get a situation update, then there is a problem. He is in charge but he should be able to delegate responsibility to other smart capable people. So play golf. And I didn't vote for him either. Do people actually think the POTUS is super-human, and can fix these things? He should turn back time, or use his laser vision to fix the leak, then use his super breath to blow the oil into space or something.
coojofresh says:
lol who works 24/7?
Optimus Prime says:
Leave the man alone. It takes 5 or 10 minutes to fly from Andrews to the White house. People spend more time than that in bathroom.
guzzlingil says:
I come to this site for a small break from the day to day BS and politics.....I guess that is over now....
bacination says:
True that they are real people, but they chose to be leaders. We expect leaders to be extraordinary people. We dont expect extraordinary people to go golfing or sailing at a moment of crisis because it appears they aren't doing anything.

This is silly but still the way human psychology functions. Had they not gone golfing or sailing, you wouldn't have read "President Obama cancels golf day to work on oil spill". Sad.
Scott Shields says:
Considering W shattered records for amount of time vacationing for any president ... I'm ok with BO golfing when he wants. Not a repub or a demo ... just a golfer here. =)
PintoRacer says:
I think he should play everyday and take the Senate and Congress with him.
tennesseeboy says:
I'm with PintoRacer. The prosperity of the 1950's can be largely attributed to the fact that Dwight Eisenhower spent most of his time playing golf and spent very little time screwing up the country.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
@Pinto, I agree. At least that could prevent them from doing more damage.
Banker85 says:
Bud: you obviously did vote for GW, and he was playing golf within a month of 9-11 and remember when the first plane hit he just sat in a room reading a book to kids, great leadership there.

I did vote for Obama, lesser evil of the two i guess, but who cares if he golfs once or twice a week? These are real people who need breaks every once in a while too. seems healthy to me.
Kurt the Knife says:
let the cat play a round w/o making it a partisan, divisive, ridiculous political meltdown.
Apolitical leanings misself.
legitimatebeef says:
Golf is good for you. So is tennis, frisbee, hiking, etc. Being outdoors, getting exercise and enjoying yourself are essential to good health. The president needs relaxation probably more than anybody else in the world and I think it's great that he has taken a liking to golf. I really feel bad for people who have not ever experienced the joy that is golf.
Bryan K says:
Can you imagine how horrible of a golf partner Obama would be? You think he'd be getting a few phone calls while on the course?
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Banker: If that "bud" was directed at me, yes, I did vote for GW. Proudly so. Twice. You probably feel the same way about your vote for BO. I don't begrudge you your opinion whether I disagree or not. I should be given the same. Would you have been happy if GW had thrown the book in the air and scrared the crap out a bunch of kids as he ran out of the classroom?
KVSmith59 says:
LOL. I agree. Let them all play. All work and no play makes for bad health. I own my own business so I consider myself the "leader" at my place. If I didn't golf, or do something outside the office I'd go crazy.
ElGalloGigante says:
You know, it's kinda nice that this post hasn't spiraled into a crazy, rabid politics debate. I like this site, a lot.
atxtraveler says:
I guess all of you downplay the magnitude of the oil spill. In the middle of a recession, the person ultimately responsible for our country's well being is vacationing while the Gulf Coast's single largest disaster occurs, and there is no plan for resolution 60+ days into it. I would be fully on board with a vacation day or 4 IF the POTUS had a clear path to resolution in place, and it was merely the execution of the plan that was going on.
@KVSmith59 - As a business owner, you likely take a day to golf when the shop is running smoothly, right? What about if the power to your store was not on, or the air conditioning unit was broken in the middle of a heat wave? Would you be out on the course, or would you be managing the issue (whether you were an electrician or a HVAC person) I am assuming you would be onsite till resolution.
ElGalloGigante says:
I spoke too soon.
Banker85 says:
No it was not meant at you bakedawg40, it was for Buducharm. I think he should have said he has to leave not jump up like a crazy person, that would be crazzzzzy!
nstultz says:
Everyone deserves a break once in a while, even if he is the President.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
It's all good, Banker. I believe the Pres should be able to take a vacation, play golf, or whatever he prefers to do. BO seems to take the time off at inopportune times. The other thing that chaps my rear is GW was beat over the head because of Katrina. The FEDs couldn't move into the state until the help was requested by the Louisiana Governor. The spin was Bush didn't like black people. Using the same logic I guess BO doesn't like white people? See my point?
...the Murseless says:
Dudes! Take it to a political forum!
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