Michael Phelps Goes Golfing In China
By Kickntrue on 6/23/10
US Olympic Champion Michael Phelps is returning to China, where he won 8 golf medals, this time to golf.
Swimmer Michael Phelps will be among the celebrities at the inaugural Mission Hills Star Trophy Pro-Am golf tournament in China's Hainan Island, where professionals will compete for a $1.28 million individual prize, the richest in Asia.

Phelps will be given tips at the October 28-31 Pro-Am tournament by Hank Haney, former coach of Tiger Woods, when the American returns to the country where he grabbed eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics.
I wish I could find a video of Michael Phelps swinging a golf club somewhere on the internet because I just can't picture it. I know I'm going to offend the 3 people on this site who used to swim competitively, but in my experience, competitive swimmers are usually completely awkward at all other sports. There was a kid in my high school who was a world class swimmer. Tried out for team USA (didn't make it) but was at that level... he couldn't catch a beach ball if you floated it to him (sorry Chad). It went for the rest of the swim team as well. Don't get me wrong... AMAZING swimmers in great physical shape... I just wouldn't call them "rounded athletes."

Anyway- good for Phelps. He's in a kind of weird spot where he really only gets to shine once every four years, and realistically his days of shining brightly are gone; he may compete in the 2012 Olympics but he's not going to win 8 gold medals again. He needs something to fill his time.

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Banker85 says:
if i won 8 gold medals i would care less about my star not shining as bright! he seems like a good athlete, remember we seen him in that speed putting contest thing you posted a couple months ago, he had a nice stroke.
homermania says:
He won 8 golf medals in addition to his swimming medals?! Wow!
legitimatebeef says:
He's into golf and the occasional bong-load? Seems like a cool guy to me.
dtak84 says:
golf medals... haha, nice. anyway, I swam competitively and would like to think I'm pretty capable of playing other sports. I'M not really OFFENDED.
DissidentAggressor says:
True, swimmers never seemed to do very well at the "Superstars" competitions back in the '70s.
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