Seve Ballesteros Decides Against British Open
By Kickntrue on 6/24/10
Seve Ballesteros was going to attempt to play the British Open at St. Andrews next month, but has decided against doing so based on medical advice. While Seve not playing could/would be news on its own, the real miracle was that Seve was even considering it in the first place.
The 53-year-old has had health problems since suffering a brain tumour in 2008.

"I am aware that there might be people who have been preparing their trip to encourage and cheer me up," he said.

"I do not want to disappoint anyone at the last minute and after listening to the doctors I have taken the difficult decision not to travel to St Andrews."

Ballesteros won the second of his two Open titles at the Scottish course in 1984 and was one of 32 former champions invited to play a four-hole challenge the day before the tournament starts.
While it certainly would've been fantastic for Seve to play, I think we can all agree he's better off listening to his doctors on this one. Hopefully the 53 year old (man- he seems like he should be older than that) will dazzle us yet again before he hangs up the spikes for good. If Tom Watson could do it at 59 I think there is reason to be hopeful.

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coojofresh says:
that would have been great. he is one of my all-time favorites.
Banker85 says:
too bad.
mgranata says:
Too bad it would have been something
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