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Best Golf Course Values
By Kickntrue on 6/25/10
This is an experiment... and a chance for you to represent your favorite locale. If this works- you should see comments well over 100...

What we want to know- is your opinion on the best golf course in your area to play FOR THE MONEY. This is all about value. In most cases you get exactly what you pay for and I think we can all agree Pebble Beach would be great, but for $500 you've paid for the privilege to have that experience. What course do you get the most bang for your buck? Maybe it's a $20 course in perfect condition that plays a like a private club or maybe it's a $75 that plays like a world class resort.

Add your course to the comments- and it'd be even better if you could drop the oob course link in as well, and after this runs for a couple weeks- I'll go back and try to make a post with all of the courses in a nice little chart sorted by state- as an easy guide.

If this works- it will be fun and awesome. If it fails... we can just let it run off the site and forget about it by next Tuesday. :)

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birdieXris says:
Millersville/ Lancaster, PA - has to be Crossgates golf course. The condition of the course is amazing for the price. Highest fee all day to Walk M-F is $32 and on weekends $40. There's a grass range, small pro shop, good snackbar and covered eating area. Bunkers are very consistent and yardages are accurate within 1 or 2 yards. Great staff and the carts are fast.
Kickntrue says:
What trigged the post for me was playing The Refuge- Just outside Jackson, MS. $35 including a cart on weekdays ($22 to walk) and $46 with a cart on weekends. Amazing shape - as long as you don't go after a deluge of rain.
birdieXris says:
Sorry to augment my post --- that's the highest prices to RIDE. Walking is $10 cheaper on average haha.
phraynck says:
Pierce Lake Golf Course - Chelsea, MI - Peak is $35/wCart and its a great course
sepfeiff says:
Grapevine municipal in Grapevine, TX. 27 holes, maybe the best value in Dallas at $30 walking weekday $35 walking weekend. Carts are $15. Designed by Byron Nelson and very well kept.
mjaber says:
Probably the best value in the MA/NH border area. Green Meadow Golf Club. The rates are about average for the area, but the difference is, they have 2 18-hole courses. You can play both courses for 1 rate. If you've rented a cart, you have to re-up on the cart for another 18, but the greens fees basically cover you from open to close.
dave0498 says:
#birdiexris It was AWESOME to Crossgates GC as the first course on here. I was going to add it. (Totally agree by the way) I live in Millersville about a minute from the course and it's my favorite local course by FAR. Cheap too :)
TravisMiller says:
The best local (in the greater city) would be
With in a couple hours drive
oobscott2 says:
no good values in New bern, nc. Every public course is about $50 no matter when you play. The best value is to join a course as a member, which would be around $2,000 a year.
nickp says:
Tumwater Golf Course in Tumwater, WA is around $33 for peak and is right next to the old brewery. Very nice course. For the lowest dollars, Airport Golf in Tumwater. Executive 9 hole links-style, $9 greens fees. $12.50 for a bucket and nine. Can't beat that anywhere around here!
Minjin52 says:
One of the best values here in Wenatchee, WA is the Highlander Golf Club, which is a very nice top rated links style course. They are currently offering $25 w/cart before 7:00 AM and after 2:00 PM 7 days a week throughout the entire summer.
Clint24 says:
I hate to plug my own business, but I think we have the best value in the Tennessee Valley. It cost $12 to walk, $18.50 to ride 9 holes, and $18 to walk 18 holes. The course consists of 7 par 3's, and 2 par 4's, which are all designed for the player to work on every club in his/her bag. There's water on one hole, and there all straight foward, but still fairly dificult. I play it almost every day, and if you don't hit the green, it's very hard to get up and down.

But other than that, there are a few good courses around, but still cost some $$. Being in the PGA family, we get free green fees on all these courses, so I don't know how much it cost to play the courses.
mbills1015 says:
I'm going to throw out Iron Valley in the Lancaster PA area... once you sign up for their email specials they'll send you offers for $39 - $45 most weekends. Compared to other courses in the area this is by far the best deal and the nicest course.
Joe Lim says:
timber point
maintained well challenging but not to hard
$8 at twilight for 18 holes
c5agalb says:
For a whole region, the Poconos in the shoulder season offers outstanding Spring and Fall prices. Most the resorts drastically drop their summer high rates to half or better. Buck Hill Falls, a Donald Ross design was $36 with cart in the spring. Pocono Manor was only $25 with Cart for their Ross designed East course. You can play many courses up here in the fall after Columbus day for weekday $25 with cart.
c5agalb says:
Any military golf course is the best value for the dollar for a military member, and military courses that went public is usually very reasonably. $15 dollars for twilight with cart at West Point the other week. The reworked old Presidio Golf Course was even featured on Golf Channel's Destination Golf last week.
cshel65 says:
The best value in Raleigh NC is to join as a member at Hedingham/Riverwood/Eagle Ridge. The Platinum Membership is $210 for the family and you get to play all three courses. Platinum Members receive more for their dollar than any other membership in the area.
Included in the low monthly dues Platinum Members receive:
• Unlimited Golfing Privileges - CART FEE INCLUDED
• Range Membership- endless golf balls for entire family
• 63 Holes of Championship Golf
• 5 Athletic Clubs
• 8 Outdoor Pools and 1 Indoor Pool
• Miles of Walking & Biking Trails
• 10 Athletic Club Guest Passes
• 8 Golf Course Guest Passes for their Green Fees
• Unlimited Fitness Class Privileges & ON-SITE Nursery
• 10% Off all Merchandise, includes Clubs, Clothes
atxtraveler says:
ShadowGlen Golf Club in Manor, TX (Austin) is phenomenal after 3pm - $20 for 18 with cart, and is a really nice course.
eric123 says:
River Islands Golf Club, Kodak, Tennessee, just outside of Knoxville, a truly spectacular course with four shots across rivers (not streams) from the blue tees, zoysia fairways, excellent greens, two shot and three shot par 5's, short and long par 3's, significant changes in elevation on multiple holes, reasonably good sand traps, and rough that is not so severe that you cannot advance the ball; all for less than $40, sometime less than $25 through Golf Now. The extra benefit is that the course is relatively secluded, no houses or roadways infringing on the course.
Optimus Prime says:
I think Paint Branch Golf course ( in College Park is a good deal. It's a nine hole golf course. On Wednesdays before noon, you pay for 9 holes ($15) but play 18. Try playing it irons only. It's a good way to work on your short game.
cvargo says:
Meadow Brook in Salt Lake 20 for 9 ride. Or Mtn Dell 48 18 ride, Utah's hidden secret is MTN dell hidden in the canyon you play with moose and deer all day
k-von says:
Looks like CShel is getting some free marketing space. In Philly, the best deal is volunteering for the First Tee program and getting free golf all season. Beyond that, Westover is an okay course but for $10 to walk after 12:00 during the week it's pretty hard to beat. Twining Valley is a pretty bad course, but its weekend rates don't stray from the weekday rates, including $10 to walk after 4:30.
tbbrad says:
Penn National Founders and Iron Forge Courses in Fayetville, PA. 36 holes of chapionship golf. Each course has a totally different feel. You can find coupons online or in the local paper during the year and play for $35-40 w/cart. Best kept can walk after 5:30-6 PMish during the summer for $10 bucks. Neither course is tricked up and both have a classic feel. No need for a yardage book. Both courses well marked.
aaronw409 says:
@eric123, I agree about River Islands in Kodak, TN. Excellent course and fun to play.
Matt Otskey says:
Crystal Springs Golf Course. One of the toughest in Northern New Jersey for $24 in the afternoon with cart.

Also, Blue Ridge Trail in PA. $32 with cart in the morning, $23 in the afternoon. Take $10 off to walk. Excellent condition and quick greens. Also, 27 holes.
Matt Otskey says:
@Cshel lol It's $210 per month plus a $500 initiation fee. If my math is correct, that's roughly $3,000. Pretty good, but not the best.
I would have to say Hickory Heights G.C. in Bridgeville, PA. Very nice, well manicured course. The rating doesn't do the courses difficulty justice. 35 on the weekends cart included. To join is a 400 dollar initiation fee and $78 a month. Full restaurant, range and well equipped pro shop. Country Club feel with without the exclusivity.
Jattruia says:
In CT, Timberlin in Berlin is a great value. The course is tough and long and always in good condition. Walking on the weekend is less than $40.
tcjonny says:
If you can stand the 120 degree heat, PGA West has deals on all of their courses around $50 to ride during the summer months.
Zepo1a says:
$10 for 18 with cart after 12PM, Arcadia Municipal Golf Course.

$15 for 18 At The Bluffs Golf Course.

These are summer prices, they double or triple in the Winter (Nov 1st on...when the snowbirds get here.
mikewpatterson says:
In the Chicago Area I can think of two locations. Cog Hill #2, the Ravines course. It's a fun, great layout over land similar to Dubsdread. The top greens fee for #2 is $73. The second is George Dunne National in Oak Forest, IL. It's a muni. For $67 you can play a course that's been a past U.S. Open local qualifier.
cheymike says:
In Estes Park, Co, at about 7000' is the Estes Park Golf Course. It was rated as the 6th most beautiful course to play in Mitch Kaplan's "Golf Book of Lists". He wasn't kidding. This place is beautiful. Its a VERY well maintained course. It is a little "short" at 6400' from the Blues, and playes a little shorter than that due to the altitude. But the fairway and green slopes definitely keep it interesting! This is my favorite place to play, even though its about 100 miles from me. Rates are reasonable (18 + cart is $45 for Colo residents and military, or $56 for non-residents) and the course is defintely a must play in the area. The elk, deer and other wildlife running around on the course make it kind of like a visit to the zoo. LOL!
mjaber says:
Another good deal is in Salem, NH. Campbell's Scottish Highlands runs a pretty good "Holiday" deal. Greens fees are half price ($25) if you book a foursome after 1pm on holidays.

They also have a number of other weekday and weekend specials. Normal greens fees are a little high for me, but the course is always in pretty good shape, and they are a HUGE proponent for pace of play. When they say you should play 18 in 4.5 hours, they mean you WILL play in 4.5 hours. If you fall behind the group in front of you, the ranger will come by and ask you to get back into position as quickly as possible. If you're still out of position when he sees you next, he'll give you a little less friendly request.
woobwoob says:
There are plenty of course in Dallas/Fort Worth that are great playing at $65 to ride in prime time, but there is one course in Burleson TX (Just south of DFW east of 35) that is a gem that not many people know about, never been stacked up while i've played there. Southern Oaks Golf Club designed by Mark Brooks. $49 to ride during prime time. This course is always in great condition, free range balls (no mats), excellent sand/short game practice area and putting green. And best of all, the course is very tough. In addition there are always coupons for special rates at Check it out,
kyfrydan says:
When I was the chef at Big Spring Country Club here in Louisville, Ky, we played for free on Mondays. I could play pretty much all of the other local clubs with all of the other club chefs as well. One of the best benefits to being a club chef!
rayman453 says:
Through The Green Highland Rim Golf Course in Jolton,Tn. just out of Nashville is a great course for the price.They have a very friendly staff.The carts have GPS on the carts.$22 weekdays
DiC says:
There are 3 courses near to me that all offer something different.

Brampton Heath - Which plays well all year due to very quick draining sandy soil. NEVER use temporary tees or greens and has a 'private' club feel about it even though it is an open public course. £20 for 18 holes weekdays - 4/5

Delapre Oaks - While not as challenging as Brampton (or anywhere near as nice if there's been a fair bit of rain!) it is the best value for money at only £11 for 18 if you play after 2pm! - 3/5 (although when you factor in the cost it probably comes up to 4/5)

Northampton Golf Course - Private course but if I go with my uncle who is a member then it's only £15 for 18 holes. A beautiful course set in the countryside and very challenging - 5/5
wrhall02 says:
Tucson AZ, Fred Enke. Tough desert course, about $35 per 18. Cheaper if you are a resident or have a players card.
homermania says:
The public golf system in Rockford, Illinois spoiled me for great golf value. $450 for an adult pass gets you access to four different 18 holers and one 9 hole course ALL SEASON LONG! All in great condition and a good challenge. One round is usually a great value at $20-$30.

Sandy Hollow GC
Ingersoll Memorial GC
Elliot GC
Aldeen GC
Sinnissippi (9)
TheBrownCrayon says:
In the San Antonio area I really enjoy Olympia Hills. The course is always in good shape and the layout is really fantastic. Their site says it is 30-40 weekday but I only ever play it twilight so it is even cheaper than that. Also the beer is a pretty good deal for a golf course, so yay for that.
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