Kerr-fection For Cristie
By Kickntrue on 6/28/10
Cristie Kerr opened up a can on the rest of the LPGA this weekend, winning the LPGA Championship by 12 strokes!
Kerr closed with a birdie for 6-under 66, finishing at 19-under 269 and leading all four rounds. This was her second major title, the other coming at the 2007 U.S. Women’s Open.

“It’s been such an amazing week,” she said. “To play here well on a golf course this tough and to win by that many shots in a major championship – that’s just unreal.”
It's too bad nobody cares about women's golf (sorry- just being honest) because this is a HUGE victory and it will go pretty much unnoticed. I mean- we're still talking about Tiger at Pebble Beach 10 years ago doing the same thing. That's what Cristie did this weekend. Pure domination.

I think my favorite part about a performance like hers is seeing the finish. Cristie was already leading but 8 strokes going into the final round- and could've easily played conservative golf to ensure a win... instead she went out and shot the best round of the day finishing six under on Sunday.

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bplewis24 says:
What's interesting is that I don't care about women's golf, and I actually tried to watch this (Saturday & Sunday I watched a total of about 4 hours of coverage). I figured that women's golf would be easier to get into than women's hoops, because athleticism plays so much less of a role in the gameplay. But, I still found it hard to get into. It's hard for me to understand why. Maybe if Azahara Munoz was near the top of the leaderboard it would have been different?

brianshaffer32 says:
Same as most and could care less about Woman's golf and can not for the life of me watch it on T.V. But I live 10 minutes from Locust Hill and went and watched on Friday and it was def. a lot more exciting in person. Just watching Miyazato hit driver is amazing as the driver is literally up to her shoulders if you stand it straight up. Those girls are good...
cheymike says:
I guess I'm not like "the rest" because I do care about women's golf. As the saying goes, "THESE GIRLS ROCK!" I watched this entire tourney and was sitting there in awe watching Christie kick butt. I was pulling for Paula Creamer to do better, so soon after her surgery but no luck with that.
Optimus Prime says:
I too like women's golf. I would like it a lot more if there were more americans involved.
Backquak says:
Its great to see an American win a big tourney. Congrats Cristie!
bsta93 says:
Did she kiss the trophy after the win?
KVSmith59 says:
I love watching the LPGA. It's a shame that they are so underpaid compared to the men...I even did a little article about that (shameless website plug) :
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