Tiger wants LeBron to Lakers.
Tiger Wants LeBron James To Lakers
By Kickntrue on 6/30/10
Tiger Woods should stick to things he knows... like golf and the Denny's menu. Says Tiger:
"Yeah, actually I would love to see him go to the Lakers," the world's top golfer said. "I'm an L.A. guy, can't help it. That would be interesting, wouldn't it?"
Ummm... interesting is one of the last words I would use for that. The world is already going to be crying "collusion" tomorrow when they find out LeBron, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are all going to sign for the same team, the last thing we'd need is for that to be a media-darling team like the Lakers. I thought Tiger lived in Orlando and has season tickets to the Magic? Show some (new) home-town loyalty!

I'm sure Tiger is thrilled though- to be a in a press conference answering questions like these instead of "other stuff." Tiger also revealed in his presser yesterday that he communicates with his father while golfing and it's "pretty cool." He'd better find the Ghost Whisperer soon, I heard that show is canned!

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ElGalloGigante says:
I'm not a LeBron fan by any stretch and I know this deal is impossible, but god damn would it allow me to dream of a 10-peat and putting Boston way behind LA. Dream a little dream...
Bryan K says:
I came to the conclusion that there was collusion in the NBA fifteen years ago. Haven't watched much since (and I grew up a Lakers fan).
Kurt the Knife says:
Just looks to me another huge waste of hundreds of millions of dollars.
Matt F says:
Not a fan of LeBomb. So, who really cares. He'll leave NEO shortly and his "fans" will have the knives out.

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