St. Andrew's Reset Record Book
By Kickntrue on 6/30/10
St. Andrews may be the birth place of golf- but did you know they reset their record books in 2006?
The St. Andrews Links Trust, which manages the Old Course, has thrown out previous records because the Old Course has been lengthened. The official course record is 64 by Bradley Dredge in the 2006 Dunhill, matched last year by Mikko Ilonen.

"I'm disappointed," Strange said. "But in my mind, it's a wonderful memory for me. As far as I'm concerned, I still have it. And until someone shoots 61, the course record belongs to me."
I think this is a messy situation and I'm surprised the St. Andrews Links Trust had the audacity to get involved with it. I get it- the course is lengthened, but isn't that offset but newer equipment?

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birdieXris says:
Wow. That's a pretty random occurrence. I don't know what side i'm on. I mean, 164 yards isn't anything. It's an 8 iron shot. And over the course of 18 holes?? i don't think that warrants a complete reset.
Scott Shields says:
I don't think it should be erased per se ... it should just be considered a 'old era' , or give them an * , or something. You can't dump the stats completely.
brianshaffer32 says:
Sad... can't lose the tradition, that is what makes golf so exciting
Bryan K says:
So the whoel course is 184 yards longer? I mean...I could see if we were talking a few strokes longer, but as birdieXris said, that's an 8 iron shot (well..for me it's a 6-iron).
ElGalloGigante says:
I'm the guy on this site that doesn't value "tradition" as high as most golfers, but this is pretty ridiculous. An equal, yet opposite action, would be omitting scores that were aided by metal drivers and woods. 10 yards, give or take, a hole is a joke, not a reason to scrap the previous record books.
Swingem says:
Maybe Strange did something to piss them off.
Marcus Prior says:
Guys - this is routine everywhere when significant changes are made to a course. 184 yards is one decent shot! And old records are not 'thrown out' (this is shoddy journalism) - they are exactly that - old records.
svj says:
Swingem,lol... its the whole roid thing. least The St. Andrews Links Trust didn't make every player that shots in the 60s go to court...
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