Trump's Scottish Course Isn't Built Yet?
By Kickntrue on 7/1/10
Building work has started on Donald Trump's Scottish mega-course. We've been talking about this for years... I assumed it was almost done?!
Building work began Thursday on US tycoon Donald Trump's luxury golf course in Scotland, the culmination of a four-year effort in the face of strong local opposition.

The one-billion-pound (1.5-billion-dollar, 1.2-billion-euro) development on the coast in Aberdeenshire has progressed in fits and starts but the links finally won full planning permission Tuesday.
"Today my team will finally get to work and build the world's greatest golf course for Scotland and for the great game of golf," Trump said in a statement.

"We are building on the finest piece of land I have ever seen and we will turn it into a national jewel -- people will travel from around the world to play the course and experience its beauty."
It's about time! I've got to admit... the buildup for this has been spectacular, to the point where I'm starting to believe the hype. I'm not for screwing the little guy- so the fact that some of the residents are pissed and pretty much got run over by big business sucks, but the one thing you're definitely not hearing about any of this- is that Trump is over-hyping it and that it will be a bust. Trump may be a lot of things- but when he says its the best piece of real-estate he's ever seen, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Too bad none of us will ever be able to afford playing there.

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nickp says:
1. Trump has constantly lied about his fortune, pieces of real estate being hot, etc. Business doing business.
2. In a country with such rich golf history this is like throwing a Sizzler on a street with a bunch of Michelin star-rated joints. Take your over-hyped, over-developed, tacky "super resorts" to an emerging country that welcomes the upper-crust douchebags that would frequent this thing (ie China).
nickp says:
To elaborate on #1: it's like the Colonel telling me the chicken is finger-licking good.
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