Cessna 152 Cockpit
Pilot Crashes And Dies On Golf Course
By Kickntrue on 7/2/10
A plane crash yesterday at a Californian golf course killed the pilot instantly.
A man killed when his small plane crashed at a golf course in Venice has been identified as Robert R. Davenport, 60, of Los Angeles, authorities said Friday.

Davenport’s single-engine Cessna 152 crashed near the eighth hole at Penmar Golf Course shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

No one else was in the plane and no other injuries were reported. A law enforcement source said the pilot may have been practicing landings at nearby Santa Monica Airport when the aircraft apparently developed engine problems.
I guess I'll cross off Penmar from my list of "must play" courses in California!

This is obviously a tragic event for Davenport and his family and I certainly wish them all the best. At least Davenport died doing something he loved, even if he was possibly in training. I can't imagine any other reason someone would put themselves on the controls of a small aircraft.

I put a plane crashing down towards you in the same category as being near a tornado or bank robbery. While the situation would be truly terrifying, if I could somehow be given 100% certainty of survival, I'd love to experience it. Of course- that certainty could never be promised, so for now I'll do my best to avoid those situations at all costs.

Full Story - LA Times

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tennesseeboy says:
A man that I knew from the church I attended as a child was killed in a small plane accident a few years back. He as 67 years old. I had great respect for this man. He had a passion for life and also for golf. An interesting story was told at his funeral. On the 18th hole of the last round of golf he played on this earth, he made his first eagle.
falcon50driver says:
The Cessna 152 is one of the safest airplanes around, it can just barely kill you.
sepfeiff says:
I had a terrible emergency landing situation years ago with my dad when the hydraulics failed on our aircraft... you start to think of why life is so great and what is most valuable to you. Sorry for this family's loss.
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