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Did it feel more like this than golf?!
Most Holes Played In A Day
By Kickntrue on 7/2/10
My wife and child are visiting family this weekend in Miami while I head to a wedding in Pennsylvania. I'm going to try to play 54 holes in a day. You don't truly appreciate freedom until you have a kid- and heck, I'm aware enough to realize I'm talking about just having 1 child. I can't imagine having 3 or more! For the first time in over a year I'll have no immediate obligations to my family (feel free to call though Honey, I may answer) and I'm going to try to milk to it for everything it's worth. My the time I get home Tuesday morning I may be dead.

My schedule is to play 36 holes tomorrow, 36 on Monday. That is set in stone. The question for me is when I can sneak in another 18. A 90 hole weekend sounds about right- and if I could do the other 18 on Saturday or Monday it would certainly set a record for me. I've played 36 ten times or so- but have never achieved the triple. Of course- the real problem is fatigue, especially on a weekend when the courses will be crowded. It's one thing to say you want to play 54 holes now- but how will I feel after I've putted out the 36th?

I'm sure plenty of you guys have me beat- maybe even after 54. I know there are charity type events and such where you may have played as many as 100 holes in a day. I can't even imagine. So- let's hear it. How many holes have you played in a single day and how did you feel afterwards? Did you wake up the next day ever wanting to golf again?!

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mjaber says:
I've never been over 18 in a day. If I had started playing when I was single, I probably could have pulled 54 in a day, but now I'm pretty much relegated to an every other weekend schedule.
Bryan K says:
My record for one day is 45, with 27 in a cart and 18 on foot.

My record for walking is 36 in one day.

Unless you count the pitch 'n' putt course.

I have done 99 over a three day weekend.

And 72 over a two day weekend.
rmumph1 says:
I feel ya mjaber. I'm able to play every other weekend as well(not by choice). I am tired after 18, I could not imagine playing more than that unless I really prepared myself and it wasn't the summer ( I live in Louisiana-95 to 100 degrees).
Panerai111 says:
27 for me. Will be doing 36 in August.
birdieXris says:
When i was 18, i walked 83 holes. I only stopped because of darkness. It apparently was just a little too cold for most people ( long pants and sweater over longsleeve shirt) but the course was open. It was at the Bethlehem Executive 9 hole course in Bethlehem, PA. I started at 7:30 in the morning and didn't stop until 7:30 at night. I ate a sandwich i packed for lunch and dinner and drank water all day. I remember those days when i could do that. Courses where it's pay one fee and get in what you can are amazing. I was in shape then . :( getting older is sucking.
woobwoob says:
There was just an event at Waterchase GC here in DFW called "Hotter than Hades". It is a two-man scramble for $100. All food and non-alcoholic drinks you can consume are included.

The idea is to tee off at sunrise (6:17 am), play as many holes as you can until sunset (8:43 pm) in June which this year had temperatures most days of 100+ degrees.

As long as you keep enough water and a cold wet towel, the 100+ degree heat isn't that bad. Based upon a normal rate of play, we figured we could get at least 65 holes in, more if the two-man speed increased the rate of play. Granted you would be jello by the end of the day, but it would be something that I would tell stories about for years to come.

My buddy and I were all set to do this until they announced the day prior that they had just aeriated the greens. We were really excited about this event, perhaps they won't aeriate the day before next year's competition.

Currently we have only played 36 in a day.
DrLongballz says:
Just returned from a golf trip in which I played 36 holes a day for 4 days straight. Best vacation ever!
Backquak says:
played 54 on 9/11, we were at the turn of our first round when the news broke. We didn't have anything else to do, and there were few others on the course, we decided that there was no point in going anywhere because of the news so we stayed and played until I had to leave for work that evening. 2 of our 4-some got another 18 in, so it is possible, we were the 1st group out that morning, and since the course was not at all busy, and we had carts, we could have all played 72. I haven't played more than 36 since. (not counting the pitch and putt)
Bryan K says:
woobwoob: funny thing about the heat...I actually prefer it to be over 100 than in the '80's around here, because if it's in the '80's, it means that the air will be saturated. If it's over 100, it means that your sweat will dry. Of course, yesterday when it was 97 and windy (35 mph gusts) was no fun either.
Brutus says:
We recently played 63 holes on the Summer Solstice. Walked them all and we felt fine other than a blood blister or two on the toes. I played 153 holes that week. Then took two days off. This week I will end up playing 108 holes. Life is good!
falcon50driver says:
20 of us are going to Orange Beach (Oil Beach) Alabama in September for 4 days. 36 holes a day planned at 8 different courses. I may just drink beer the second 18 each day.
psvaren says:
Back in the mid-80's, out in the lakes area of west-central Minnesota is a little regulation 9-holer that used to be called Lakeway Golf Course. It was $4 for 9 holes, or $7 to play all day. During the peak of summer daylight (about 5 am to 10 pm) a buddy of mine (probably about 16 years old at the time) plunked down his $7 and walked 90 holes. The most I ever managed was 54.
GolfSmith7 says:
54 walking in Texas heat.
Bryan K says:
psvaren: I think I golfed Lakeway when I was a kid when we were camping at Battle Lake. That would have been the mid '80's....
oobscott2 says:
Hokie003 and myself walked 64 holes at Blacksburg CC in June last year. We got the 2nd tee time for the day, and just went around all day, with only a 5 minute break after each round for bathroom. We played 54 holes, then the back 9 one more time. And since we still had 5 minutes of light left, we played the 18th hole one more time with just our 7 irons.
hokie003 says:
I think oobscott forgot to mention that those 64 holes were all walked. Needless to say I was slightly fatigued.
georgelohr says:
My friend & I played 54 holes in 1 day last July. First tee time was at 7:30 (although we teed off closer to 7:00). We played all three rounds at Palouse Ridge in Washington, it's Washington State University's new course. The day started off rainy and windy and ended dry and hotter than the gates of Hell! It was tiring, but the sore muscles for the next 48 hours were the worst part of it.
erikro says:
21 in the rain
cph2133 says:
"54 holes? I get that done before noon"

- Tiger Woods
Shaphappy says:
72 holes a few years ago. Had a tournament in the morning, 6:30 tee time done by 9:30. Then drove 20 miles back home to another course and played 54 with a friend from 10:30 to dark. Walked and carried clubs the whole time. Flat course helped but I was dead after. Would do it again for sure. 90 is doable if the course is open, way more with a cart. I think the record is something like 20 rounds in 24 hours.
Frank Dux says:
I've played 36 holes numerous times. Me and a buddy are going to attempt to play 54 holes this Friday, first tee time is 6am. Wish me luck!
mmontisano says:
im lame and have only done 36 in a day a couple of times, but what I recommend is take plenty of ibuprofen. you'll need it.
ironmaster15213 says:
Played 102 holes one year on the longest day of the year, walked 54 holes at Champion Lakes golf club and then another 48 holes at a par 3 course with lights, I didn't get to finish the 3rd round on the par three course cause they turned the lights out on me and told me to go home cause I played enough golf for one day........I do believe they were right!!!
jeremystoute says:
I have played 72 holes over the last 3 days. Enjoying every bit of it.
nomo2mr says:
I have done 72 many times. There is a catch. When it is about a buck 05+, I'll take a cart, play 4 different balls and keep each score separately. When it gets that hot, I have a gallon of ice water frozen from the night before. I really only make one trip around the course. 300+ swings in the heat is brutal. Major cool down in the pool when I get home. Once in college, a buddy and I walked 54 in a day. I usually do 9 a day during the summer after work.
cshel65 says:
I've played 36 several times including this past Friday. Memorial Day weekend we played 99 in 3 days. This weekend we played 99 in 4 days. Today I go back to work but tonight we'll play another 9. I love playing golf!
williag1 says:
Whilst working on a golf course in the late eighties on my day off I would do 54 holes walking all 3 rounds, what is was to be 18 years old
dooboo says:
Played 54 holes...27 holes at one course...another 27 at another course. Day started at 6:30 AM...done with first 27 holes by 12:30PM...lunch...then on the way home, buddy and I were like "we can get another 18 in"...so stopped by at the course on the way...played 18, then got another 9 holes in. It was hot that day (100F), and at times I was feeling dizzy, but I kept going (crazy me). But, that was only 1 time with playing in 2 some. Good times. That was back in 2002
mikewpatterson says:
I played 8 rounds in 5 days about a month ago. The good wife was kind enough to let me leave town a couple days early and I took full advantage of it. 18 on Friday, 36 on Saturday, 36 on Sunday, 36 on Monday, and 18 on Tuesday. It was a ton of fun, but I was dead beat after.
Dazinkster says:
My club pro recently (last Wednesday) did this exact thing for charity. He ended up finishing having played 9 rounds in 12 hours, or 162 holes. Obviously this was on the cart. Its a tough life isn't it...
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