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Cumberland Sausage
Tiger Opts For Bunless Burger
By Kickntrue on 7/6/10
Tiger Woods played in a Irish Pro-Am yesterday and today to help raise money for charity. I thought I'd point out the differences between American and European journalism. First- the parts you need to know:
Every five years, Irish billionaire [J.P.] McManus persuades many of the world's top golfers to join his charity event in Adare, where three-member teams of amateurs pay $155,000 for the chance to play alongside the pros.
Kind of cool. I wonder how much the appearance fees cut into the proceeds? Anyway... here is where the story takes a fun turn.
Woods dallied at a gourmet sausage vendor -- where he inquired about what a Cumberland sausage was before opting instead for a bunless burger -- until the rain eased. At the 11th, a par-3 230-yarder offering a straight shot across the River Maigue to the green, Woods planted the ball 8 feet from the hole, then nailed the putt for another birdie.
See what just happened there? Mixed right in with the golf, we got to hear about Tiger's "dalliance" with a sausage vendor. You just can't get that kind of reporting in the USA!

It did get me wondering about the Cumberland sausage that Tiger passed on. After analyzing the wikipedia page, I feel pretty comfortable with the fact that Tiger absolutely made the wrong decision. It could be hard to eat while playing golf, but I think it'd be worth the trouble! It was just a Pro-Am anyway.

And thus ends you're daily Tiger Woods update.

Full Story
Cumberland Sausage Wiki and photo source

[ comments ]
ElGalloGigante says:
That photo looks, well, kinda like something you'd see at a truck-stop restroom. Gag.
Bryan K says:
lol...that is so true. The picture looks absolutely disgusting.

That said, I think I would have opted away from the sausage as well. On the 11th hole of a golf course is not a pleasant place to get a bad case of the cramps and gurgles, and I tend to have that problem when eating unfamiliarly seasoned meat.
dewaddict6 says:
I dropped a Cumberland Sausage in the toilet this morning.
jwilder78 says:
Ha, great call on the truck stop. Gotta love the "presentation" of serving it on a plate that looks exactly like a toilet seat. I'd be impressed if it were an actual deuce, but it's not something I'd want to eat.

Btw, how do you eat a bunless burger? Is that like a cup-less drink of water?
Kurt the Knife says:
for a good time goto Youtube and type in the search field;
"Tiger woods apology aniboom"

not for the faint of heart of humorless.
you were warned.
cmuidiot says:
Thanks Kurt, that was great.
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