Can Kerr win again?
US Women's Open Is Going To Be Brutal
By Kickntrue on 7/7/10
The Women's US Open is this week at Oakmont in beautiful (and hot) Pennsylvania. There is some grumbling about the setup though- with some predicting the winning score could be WELL over par.
The betting on the winning score has ranged as high as 14 over par, with one caddie who was part of an Open win saying he likes eight over.


Even if the rough is not knee high, it is lush and thick. And the greens, well, it's Oakmont. They are steeply contoured and frighteningly fast. The winner this week likely will be the person who hits fairways and chips and putts the best. That bodes well for Cristie Kerr, who is also the hottest player on the LPGA right now, or accurate drivers like Jiyai Shin, Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel.
So... yah. I guess part of me would get a little joy seeing someone win an event at 14 over par, but really only to see a FORCED change in course setups. I love watching the pros struggle, but when you're watching to see if someone will lose a lead instead of chasing a leader, I think golf has lost a little of it's flair.

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tcjonny says:
quite frankly, my interest in the LPGA grew after they came to La Costa this year and I got the chance to meet several of them leading up to the tournament during open practice rounds. its a tour dying for more press time. although, i don't see the appeal in watching a tournament where half the field struggles to an 85 each day, even if it is a major. If they wind up in a situation where the cut is something like +18, they'll have to change something.
sepfeiff says:
There 's something that I love about athletic chicks. Always liked the LPGA, always will.
MJKern44 says:
I'll be there tomorrow watching the ladies tee it up! I was also at the Men's open for 4 days so it will be interesting to see the differences. Looking forward to watching Natalie and Anna swing the stick!
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