Holy Goydos!
By Kickntrue on 7/8/10
Paul Goydos opened up the John Deere Classic this morning with a 59. It's the 4th time someone has shot a 59 on Tour, tying the lowest score ever in competitive play on the circuit.
Goydos had 12 birdies and six pars. Eight of the birdies came on the final nine holes of the par-71, 7,257-yard TPC Deere Run course.

David Duval in 1999 (Bob Hope Classic), Chip Beck in 1991 (Las Vegas Invitational) and Al Geiberger in 1977 (Memphis Classic) also have shot 59 in a PGA Tour event.
Someone check in at the Cigar Lounge and see what Matt shot this morning... haha. I guess these guys may be pretty decent after all!

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ElGalloGigante says:
I laughed a little when I learned about this after what Matt wrote. Wonder how Rice would have done.
mjaber says:
Does this mean that Paul is better than Tiger?
dottomm says:
Wow! Great headline title too.
Stymie says:
It is an amazing feat. But this 59 might have to get a "*". They were playing lift clean and place today.
bducharm says:
@Stymie - I don't care what they were playing - 59 is STRONG!!! Not too many other 59's so far!!!
TeT says:
59's good ...

BTW: anyone know how many of the other 59's were on a par 70 - 71 or 72.
mjaber says:
@TeT... if what I read is correct, this is the first 59 on a less than par 72 course.

Also, Paul's back 9 of -8 matches the record for an best score to par on 9 holes.
birdieXris says:
@Stymie -- I don't think they give * for playing by the rules.
falcon50driver says:
In 2004, Phil Mickelson shot a 13 under 59 at Poipu Bay on the island of Kauai in the Grand Slam of Golf. Unfortunately it was not a tour event, so not a Tour record. I played the course the following week, shot 59 also, somewhere around the 11th or 12th hole.
svj says:
matt, probably pooped when steve sticker shot a 60. now he is off to play a local 2 h/c near you. i bought into that common a bit, but i can't now..
mjaber says:
Yeesh... Goydos shoots 59 and it looks like he's going to tee off this afternoon a few shots BEHIND the leader (currently Stricker @ -14)
Banker85 says:
amazing feat! but ya any 59's on a par 72? that would be more impressive. I mean i broke 80 on a par 70 course, but to me that dont count. with par 70 if i would have shot a 77 that would be sufficient for me to say i broke 80. so overall once i shoot a +7 no matter par i will say i broke 80.
mjaber says:
@Banker... There have been 4 59's.. the other 3 were on par 72, I believe.
rmumph1 says:
I beat Goydos the other day. I shot 55 (on the back). I must be able to match up with a tour pro then. I also played the lift clean and place rule.
umdoh says:
keep in mind. today's Par 70's and 71's courses are longer than yesteryear's par 72. when you see 2 holes at or close to 500 yards and they are par 4's the 59 is every bit as good as the 59's on par 72 courses
Lennox says:
Using current course slopes and ratings, here are the differentials for the 4 59's. The course slope/rating may have changed since the 59 was posted, but I'm going with the information that I can find:

Geiberger: (59 - 76.8) * 113 / 142 = -14.16
Goydos: (59 - 75.3) * 113 / 145 = -12.70
Duval: (59 - 74.6) * 113 / 140 = -12.59
Beck: (59 - 73.4) * 113 / 131 = -12.42
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