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Wind Makes St. Andrews Fun
By Kickntrue on 7/12/10
The British Open always serves up a little wind, right? Well, 50 MPH may be a little much.
"No one travels to Scotland for the weather, right," said a wind-blown Jim Furyk, who brought his full diplomatic skills to bear when asked what he thought of the course. "I like it. I don't love it.""Just about unplayable,'' said a battered Henrik Stenson.

"We would have had to suspend play if we had conditions like today in the Championship. Winds were gusting up to 50mph out there. That is pretty extraordinary – it is not a normal wind, thank goodness. It is good to know we had this at this stage of the week and not later in the week," said Peter Dawson, the R&A's chief executive.
Even I agree 50 MPH is a little strong for golf and I root for these guys to fail miserably! I'm trying to think of the strongest winds I've ever played in. I've been in some brutal conditions for golf but I'm guessing that was still probably only 25-30 MPH. Now double that and add cold. Sounds fun. I'm guessing on certain shots you could probably see the ball move 50 yards laterally if it set up badly for your shot.

I actually think this is one of the more under-praised aspects of Tiger's game (if that's possible), and one of the reasons he's done so well in the past at St. Andrews. You need to be able to work the ball both ways to handle wind, in most cases using the shape of your shot against the win to hold a shot's line. A lot of Tour pros despite how great they are don't really work the ball in all 4 directions (high, low, left, right) with confidence. I've heard from multiple people that one of the most impressive things about watching Tiger on a practice range is watching him hit every club in his bag in every direction and landing them in the same 5 yard spot.

Okay... I don't know what got into me today. It's a Tiger Woods love fest- and I vowed to try to hate him.

Go Wind!

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birdieXris says:
I love playing in the wind. I dunno about 50mph for sure, but i've played in some badass sustained gusts. easily in the 25-30 mph range. Thing is-- out there at St andrews, there's no buffer. It's strait across the landscape. Unrelenting. I can't WAIT till thursday!
Kurt the Knife says:
might be the best thing to straighten out my slice.
sepfeiff says:
Texas is pretty bad wind wise, a calm day is 10 mph. Sure helps you to learn control though.
Minjin52 says:
I totally lucked out when I played The Old Course last month... it was "warm" with no wind to speak of. The course was perfectly groomed and the greens were ridiculously difficult, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. Walking over Swilcan bridge was completely surreal. I highly recommend it to anyone who gets the chance!
GolfSmith7 says:
I live in texas and played on a day with 30 mph winds (Weather bug iphone app gives you wind speed) with the wind directly behind me I hit a 365 yard drive with a smooth swing.
zli says:
Played at Whistling Straits back in April -- the wind and cold did make the course a lot harder than it already was. But it was still great fun nonetheless. Kinda looking forward to the pga championship this year and see how the pros will play that course
Bryan K says:
Yes, I've played in 50+ mph winds before, and I vow to never do it again....but you never know.

The hardest part about winds that strong are 1) keeping balance through a swing and 2) trying to factor wind into the putts. Oh, and then there is the fact that on a gusty day, where the wind isn't steady, you just never know how much effect the wind will have.
Marcus Prior says:
Agreed - wind must blow to make St Andrews fun to watch. Otherwise 17 is the only properly tough hole (and the rough to the left of the fairway completely different to the rough anywhere else on the course - it's a cabbagey, clumpy hell). Holes 9 and 10 and 12 are ridiculously easy par-4s (all four of us average players drove 9, two drove 12 - admittedly off forward tees, but not forward by much). Can't wait.
Banker85 says:
i've played in about 35mph winds at 45* cold and slight rain, oh and decided to play the back tees for the first time at one of the tougher courses in my region. I was happy to break 100 that day.
mjaber says:
I'm not sure how hard the wind was blowing, but I remember a friend of mine hitting a hybrid 3 on a par3 (hole distance about 160). He normally hits the hybrid about 200. There was a lateral water hazard about 110 from the tee. He hit the ball cleanly, and on a normal day, he would have been across the street. We watched the ball go up, almost stop in mid-air and drop about 10 yards short of the hazard.
Kurt the Knife says:
the trades on Kaanapali were pretty vicious on my last visit. Messed up a lot of my putts.
Funny how I didn't care as much.
Swingem says:
I hope the weather at St. Andrews is nasty. The last few years at the Open have been too nice. The weather was nice when we played The Old Course, but the next day on The New Course it was sideways wind and rain. It was hell, and a hell of a lot of fun.
KVSmith59 says:
I have played on a few courses near the Atamont Pas near Tracy/Livermore. It's always windy there. If you've not been there, there are huge wind turbine farms dotting the hills. Played a course that wound through the turbines (no longer open). One hole was a 140 par 3 into the wind. Both of us had to hit drivers to reach the green. Crazy. I firmly believe they should adjust the slope/ratings of courses where the wind always blows.
KVSmith59 says:
that's Altamont Pass ....
Bryan K says:
We had wind gusts in excess of 80 mph here last night. I coulnd't help but wonder...."what would it be like to golf right now?"
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