Have to give it up to Mr. Melson on this one.
Word Record Hole in One
By Kickntrue on 2/14/07
Here's a fun little story for your Wednesday. Student of the San Diego Golf Academy Bret Melson hit a hole in one on the 448 yard par 4, 18th at Ko'olau Golf Club in Hawaii. Besides the obvious reasons, the ace was so special because the 18th is the hardest hole, on a course many consider to be the toughest in the world. The course boasts a rating of 74.4 and a slope of 155. Bonus: The goofy "video" show on the link.

I love how the SDGA is making this into a little calling card for their golf school. I guess I can't argue with that though. Proven results.

Check out the story with fun video HERE.

(Found at Golfchick.blogspot.com.)

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duecebomb says:
that is freaking money but mostly just a lot of luck. im still jealous though haha
falcon50driver says:
448 yards !!!no witness, who are they kidding
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