So unknown, no free pics of Louis on net!
Shrek 4: The Old Lady's Tamed
By Kickntrue on 7/19/10
If a man wins the British Open, but nobody in the USA bothers to watch, did it still happen (or do we care)? No offense to Lodewicus Theodorus Oosthuizen, but I'm sure it wasn't quite what ESPN imagined when they paid all that money to be the first ever cable network to cover all 4 rounds of a major. Don't blame Oosthuizen for the bad tv, all. All he did was bring The Old Lady to her knees, while everyone else played for second. Heck, 10 years ago at Pebble Beach, that was considered the greatest golf in history. Nope- the blame here is on the other 150+ golfers who couldn't keep up with the young South African.
Oosthuizen, whose prominent ears and gap-toothed smile earned him the nickname “Shrek,” drove the green at the 352-yard ninth hole and drained a 40-foot eagle putt, all but terminating any title hopes harbored by Casey, Lee Westwood, Henrik Stenson, Retief Goosen or anyone else in the field.
Congrats to Oosthuizen and his beautiful family. The real winner is his wife. She is there to support her husband who is just happy to be in the field, hoping to make the cut and cashing any sort of check, and then he walks away with $1.3M. Cha-ching! Now, Louis gets all of the pressure of being a major champion and living up to the hype, while his wife gets to go shopping!

I want to again stress that this sentiment is nothing against Oosthuizen, because he TORE up the Old Course, but it was impossible to watch. The drama was gone, and there wasn't the same sense of history that someone like Tiger doing the winning would've been. I thought I'd be torn on going to church Sunday morning, but it wasn't a hard decision at all (free grape juice!). I have a feeling that when the tv ratings come out they're going to show the same thing.

Well- one more major to go. It's a little sad to think the bulk the golf season is more than half over. When folks were speculating on whether HWSNBN would win an event in 2010 I laughed at their idiocy. I'm not going to lie, my faith is starting to waiver. Glad I didn't place any bets.

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birdieXris says:
yea they hardcore showed his wife during the trophy presentation. Definitely on purpose. It was like "here's louis and the jug", "here's his wife and kid" "here's the head of the R&A with a few words for Louis, nevermind let's just listen to him while we show Louis' wife and kid". My bet is the necessity to do so after HWSNBN threw his family life away. Look for a lot more of that kind of camera work. Speaking of, have any of you seen the image of tiger with the rock outcropping the background who's placement and looks strangely mimic a black cloud over his head? it was in our newspaper here in lancaster with the caption "Tiger Woods, trying to change his fortunes by using a different putter, waits his turn on the 19th green at St. Andrews." I find it an incredible piece of photography and well-timed.
birdieXris says:
Actually, it was in Friday's USA Today if you're looking for it.
elhacker says:
How much did the weather play in this kids win? He was pretty lucky getting out early in round 2. I watched some but not as much as previous majors. Was kind of boring.
Kurt the Knife says:
What was obvious to me was the lack of golf coverage.
But I could get all the friggin commercials any consumer whore could ever want.

Never goin to ESPN for anything... ever.

what a bucket of crap.
sepfeiff says:
ESPN probably noticed the ratings but don't care how many people watched because they made uber gajillions from advertising revenue.
mmontisano says:
the advertising was terrible. i spent what feels like half the time just fast forwarding my DVR because there were so many commercials. so in that respect, the cover was of substandard.

BUT, Oosthuizen win was tremendous. after the eagle on 9, everyone just seemed deflated and played for second place.

and to elhacker, Ooshuizen was one of the few to post a low score on that windy Thursday afternoon, then had relatively calm conditions Friday. then it was windy all weekend. it says something of his ball striking that the wind didn't affect his shots much at all.

i just hope to see him have a good career now. no more one hit wonders please!
elhacker says:
@ Badcady, like a lucky bounce, a good tee off time can help towards a win. What's so impressive is that Oosthuizen didn't just protect his lead, he outright dominated the rest of the field. He took advantage of a good thing (luck).

Commercials were horrible during the late night wrap-up last night. I swear that every 5 minutes there was a commercial. With low viewer ratings the advertisers won't be shelling out the big $$$$$ next year.
brianshaffer32 says:
Thursday and Friday had all the story lines that we all want as golf fans: John Daly's name on the leaderboard, Marky Marky making a run at a major, Tiger lurking, A young un proven winner that will surely collapse ala Dustin Johnson and maybe Lee would win his first major, or could it be an amateur that makes a run. But in the end Louie runs away with it. This kind of thing wouldn't have happened 2 years ago... Kind of miss the old Tiger
Kurt the Knife says:
ESPN .....bucket of crap, I say


sorry, Tourette's
Bailey says:
I tune in to see golf--the game--and I don't want to spend my time waiting through commericals
Spur says:
I'm sick of the lucky draw tee time crap. Last I knew Louis didn't play alone on Thursday and Friday, and there were groups that tee'd off 10 minutes before and/or after he did. There had to be a player of note close to his tee times that played in virtually the same wind/weather on Thursday and Friday. Oosthuizen outplayed the field plain and simple - look how he did relative to the leaders on Saturday.
mantajim says:
Commercials shmurkels, what commercials? who watches commercials?
I watched "The Open" played at the ancient home of golf. That doesn't happen very often.I loved it, I can't wait to go. I love my DVR.
Quit your bitching, boohoohoo, Tiger didn't win or play much of a role. Oh yea Tiger was a commercial for some whooy wooey Nike putter costing $250.
Matt F says:
Louis certainly dominated off the tee. Did you see his stats for fairways hit? For the 4 days it was somewhere around 80-85%. I don't think any of the "big guns" were close to that.

Beekeeper45 says:
Watched 2 of the 4 days, Saturday and Sunday was like watching paint dry....
Swingem says:
@mantajim- Amen Bro! While the rest of the field looked like they were trying to "tame the old lady", Oosthuizen was dancing with her. What's so hard to appriciate about that?
Marcus Prior says:
And remember, this guy has been making waves on the European Tour for a while. He had a bucket of top-5 finishes in a short period of time before finally breaking through in Spain this year. He's shot 57 (yes 57 - admittedly off the members'tees at his home course in Mossel Bay - where the wind blows)and has a wonderful golf swing. A great shame that no one could challenge him on Sunday, but holding it together over the entire weekend (he led for 47 holes or something) is remarkable in those conditions. And in many ways more compelling watching Louis O do it, than Toger grinding everyone into the dust, as happened the last two times at the Old (and at Hoylake, for that matter). Well played, Louis.
Scott Shields says:
Kickntrue says:
@youngstructural- He Who Shall Not Be Named... (El Tigre) ... /Tiger
c5agalb says:
Rory's 63 on Thurs, Oostie's large margin win, If it had been Americans, we would be applauding. It wasnt fun to watch the americans hit off the road (Mickleson) or Tiger hitting out of the bunkers??
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