EA Sports Tiger Woods Game Sales Way Down
By Kickntrue on 7/20/10
EA Sports stuck by Tiger Woods and while it may still be a good bet- it certainly hasn't proven to be that way so far. Sales of the new video game are down 32%.
According to the most recent NPD sales data, numbers for this year's annual Tiger Woods golf game franchise update were down by 32%, as gamers seemingly washed their hands of the dirty dawg golfer and his waitress-hassling ways.

But there are "a lot of factors" for the disastrous collapse of sales for this year's Tiger Woods PGA golf game, according to publisher EA, including the way the previous update was given away for free with Nintendo's Wii and slower sales of Wii itself.
I know it's easy to point to the whole scandal as the reason for this, but as an avid video gamer I will say this; the game has just plain run it's course. I've bought it for probably 8 out of the last 10 years (didn't buy this year) and it's just the same game over and over. The Wii version provided a bit of a unique twist with actually swinging the club, but it doesn't actually help you get better. The other huge problem with the game- is that it takes really long to play. A foursome of Tiger Woods on Wii, playing 18 holes takes well over an hour. For that much time- I'll go out and play real golf.

I'm not totally bashing the game. I've reviewed previous versions of the game on this site and praised them- and individually they all stand on their own. If I'd never played a golf video game and was introduced to EA Sports' offering I'd love it. The problem is after 10 years I feel like I've "beat" the game.

Plus... the dude on the cover is a douche!

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PS- since I already have a video game audience... If anyone has NCAA 2011 on Xbox 360 hit me up! I'm looking for some new friends to play online who won't just pick Ohio State or Alabama and cheat their way downfield! I'm "oobgolfer" online.

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Werepuppie says:
I think it is because they abandoned the PC platform.Now the game is only made for consoles.I bought every TW game made from 96-08 until they made the switch.
TeT says:
They are still raking it in though, TW game is a winner for them regardless.
birdieXris says:
one thing i didn't know you could do that's totally awesome, is that you can play against the live tournaments?! my friend told me about this at the bar last night. he played against the open championship. The scores live update on the game apparently.

He didn't say how he did.
rmumph1 says:
I like this years the most because of "true aid" I believe it is called. You can no longer go straight to your target. There are markers of the course for yardage, like a gps of sorts, and you must pick a club like in real golf. I have found it much more fun that shooting a -21 on every course. I actually have to think about what club I pick and what shot to hit. If they didn't have that I would not have bought it as it is the same game every year.
cpjolicoeur says:

While they dont sell a disc-based version of the TW games for non-consoles anymore, they do have the game in an online browser based environment.
DaveMBarb says:
Until they come out with a thin-as-a-golf-club controller handle, I can't get any enjoyment out of the Wii version of TW games. On top of that I'm not a fan of the skill progression and gear aspects of the game. I shouldn't be a better bunker player just cause I'm wearing a certain shirt, or a more accurate putter because I bought a different grip.

I was in on the beta testing for the online PC version of TW golf too. It wasn't bad but was missing a lot that the previous offline versions had.
Beekeeper45 says:
Sticking with the PS2 2k10 version.
peoplescar says:
I have it for xbox and play it almost every day for a little before bed. playing round after round gets annoying but the challenges are fun. I hadn't owned a Tiger game since Tiger '07 so it was cool to get back into it again, but just like most sports games they run their course and you get something new. I enjoy the game a lot but i wish you got different credits for the pro shop it takes forever to be able to buy something cool for your golfer and they seem to want to make you use extra money (xbox live points) to buy the clubs and attire for your golfer. a little money making scheme i really don't like.
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