Stewart Cink's Twitter Golf Bag
By Kickntrue on 7/20/10
I'm a little late on this- but it's still cool if you missed it. Defending British Open Champ Stewart Cink played last weekend with his golf bag covered in Tweets. Nike Golf asked people to send encouraging messages to Cink through Twitter and then stitched a select few on his bag. Pretty cool idea. Amazingly, Cink now has over 1.2 Million followers on Twitter. Pretty awesome for a guy who 2 years ago was a relative unknown. Embrace it, people!

How long do you think it will be until golfers use flexible LCD screens on the major spaces of their golf bags and we watch ads every time we view a closeup of the golfer? I'm giving it 7 years, and only that long because I think the PGA Tour initially reject the idea, until a deal is worked out where they end up with a cut.

Cink's Bag Story (and photo)
Cink's Twitter

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birdieXris says:
yea very cool. I'm sure the LCD thing will come along. It'll allow them to have more sponsor space. Kinda like the scrolling screens behind home plate on baseball games and on the scoring tables at basketball games.
bducharm says:
If you are on Twitter, there are a few golfers you have to follow - Cink, Poulter, Bubba Watson, and Zach Johnson are the ones I follow. Cink and Poulter have done cool giveaways on their Twitter accounts. Bubba announced he would be at a driving range in the Phoenix area and asked folks to show up and get some free lessons - VERY COOL...
tcjonny says:
This year at the NAB conference in. Las Vegas, they were already showcasing new OLED technology that can be literally stitched into clothing. The Chinese used it in the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics. People soon will be able to just walk around with a shirt made of cotton and OLED pixels that is as comfortable as a normal shirt, but displays video images on the front. The only hold-up right now is that it costs about $15k to make a video screen shirt.
Kurt the Knife says:
I'm anticipating the LCD crawl across Fowler's giant Puma forehead and on Paula Creamer's butt.
birdieXris says:
I would look at Paula's butt more. Premium ad space there.
mjaber says:
From what I read, Nike asked Cink to choose his favorite Tweet, and the "Tweeter" was going to get an exact replica of that bag.
rmumph1 says:
Is that was Arnold Palmer was doing a few weeks ago when he was staring about Paula Creamer? He was just looking to see if she had OLED pixels on her shirt.
Kickntrue says:
@tcjonny- that's a BIT of a holdup- haha.. Still, $15k could start to make sense on a golf bag for a PGA Tour pro. It could happen soon.
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