21 Secrets To Playing Private Golf
By Kickntrue on 7/22/10
The guys over at Golf Vacation Insider sent me a presentation they put together with tips and advice on playing private golf courses. I read through it and thought it had some pretty good info. It's 21 Secrets to playing private golf courses (NOT how to play free). In almost every case you're going to pay for the privilege.
Secret #1: Ask a Member to Call on Your Behalf (You Just Might Be Doing Them A Favor)

... most private clubs relish unaccompanied guest play, particularly in softer economic times, as it is a great source of revenue.


Other than a handful of elite clubs (Augusta National comes to mind) virtually every private club I know allows unaccompanied guest play to some extent, and they love the revenue it generates.

Secret #5: Just Call And Ask

You're undoubtedly familiar with the old sports adage, "if you don't shoot, you don't score." Well, sometimes getting access to a private course is a s simple as picking up the phone. As stated above, while some clubs don't publicize it, many of them welcome non-member play (or at least the revenue they derive from it).
Not all 21 ways to play are this simple, but these are two of my favorites because they show that you really just have to have the guts to go for it. Beyond this article- I've actually heard these options over and over. Maybe it works?!

So here's the skinny. Golf Vacation Insider is not paying us for this post- I really did think it was good article, but to get all 21 tips- you do need to go to their site and give an email address and they'll send you the PDF. If you're willing to give up your email addy- it's all yours for free.


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birdieXris says:
i'm gonna have to try some of those.
sepfeiff says:
Maaan I have been trying to play Bushwood for years, they just won't let me in.
birdieXris says:
some people just don't belong.
eventHorizon says:
Honestly I'm surprised people don't call and ask... especially in times like these. Almost all of the private courses near me if let anyone play if they have the guts to walk in the pro shop and ask. Heck, act like a potential member and you won't even have to pay.
Kurt the Knife says:
"some people just don't belong"

oh SNAP!
bplewis24 says:
I would have no problem asking to play, the problem is I've played some private courses before like this and have overheard the members talking about the "outsider." Sure, I shouldn't let it ruin my round, but it sucks not feeling comfortable with your playing partners.

backspinz says:
There is some good stuff in here. Love the photo of the dork and "how not to dress."
sepfeiff says:
@birdieXris - that really made me LOL.
birdieXris says:
@sepfeiff - it takes great comedic timing. :) It's funnier when you interject it than when people mindlessly quote the movie out of nowhere. You did set yourself up for that one tho. well done
bkuehn1952 says:
While there may be many private courses that will allow non-members to play, typically the guests fees are pretty stiff. The courses that we REALLY want to play (Augusta National, Cypress Point, Pine Valley, etc...) aren't interested in our money.

There are so many nice public courses from which to choose (and at a much lower cost) I really can't be bothered to try to wheedle my way on to Snob Hill Golf Club.
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