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Golf Catches Man Lying For Disability Benefits
By Kickntrue on 7/22/10
If you're going to lie to the government to collect thousands of dollars of aid for disability, it's probably a good idea not to get caught on video golfing. My favorite part of the story is that he didn't get a slap on the wrist- he got sent to jail. Yah UK!
Philip Bond, 62, from Torquay, said he could not walk more than 50 yards (46m), but was filmed on a golf course and also seen working as a decorator.

Bond was sentenced at Exeter Crown Court to seven months in prison.


On claim forms he said his mobility was virtually nil and he could not walk far. He also claimed to have difficulties getting in and out of bed, plus severe breathlessness.

However, he was identified playing golf several times a week and even took part in competitions, investigators discovered.
While part of me would like to give Bond credit for G'ing the system (and the fact that he's English and his name is "Bond"), I can't give any love to someone stealing tax payer money, even if he is a golfer. You know who can give him some love though? Jail! So screw you Bond and I hope you find your prison stay full of (man) love! I can't imagine 62 year olds have too much luck being locked up with more hardened criminals.

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sepfeiff says:
DOH! Busted!
Scott Shields says:
Kurt the Knife says:
I've known people who have made careers of achieving "disability" status.
dave0498 says:
coojofresh says:
bad choice
DiC says:
Good job too!! I've got an artificial leg and never claimed a penny because of it!

I don't mean this to come across as some "look at me, how great am I?" post, I don't feel my quality of life is affected that much because of it so I don't claim, simple. I'm just fed up of people abusing the system (or in this case plain lying!) and seeing the good guys get shafted!
bortass says:
DiC - looks like he may get shafted by Bubba....
rmumph1 says:
A stiff flex shaft from Bubba. Probably not gonna be a custom fit. Hopefully Bubba doesn't have alot of clubhead speed!!!
paddy01 says:
Unrelated to topic but it just shows what a small world it is.. I've recently started playing golf and just joined oobgolf when what do I see but an article on a story from Exeter in the UK.. 10 miles from where I live and my office is in Exeter..

I'll go walk back and forth in front of his prison window with my sticks :-)
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