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At Least He's Not Conceited Or Anything
By Kickntrue on 7/26/10
Thanks to mjaber for the tip in our forums.

Need to take your frustration on a random somebody you don't know this Monday morning? How about this guy- the CEO of Turning Stone Resort & Casino who gave himself a sponsor's exemption.
CEO of Nation Enterprises (including Turning Stone Resort & Casino) Ray Halbritter said he went through the proper channels to gain one of the four sponsor exemptions that each PGA Tour event is allowed to offer. "I had a conversation with the people in charge -- myself -- and I got lucky and got approved to play," Halbritter deadpanned, drawing laughter from the gathered media members. He then went on to explain how seriously hard he has worked to make his game respectable.
What an ass! I'm sure there weren't a couple local guys who could've used a shot. Heck, invite John Daly. I guess this isn't too much different than what Jerry Rice did on the Nationwide Tour a few months ago, but somehow it seems worse. Maybe because the dude looks like he's going to shoot a 105 (click link for picture).

His big moment is in two weeks- at the Turning Stone Resort Championship starting August 5th. Maybe someone will talk some sense into him by then. If not- we'll try to track down his personal email- and follow him live on ShotTracker- and we can all send emails after each shot- making fun of his pathetic game. Actually- that's a brilliant idea... I hope he plays!

Full Story (with pic)

** Now with GHIN Update **

He's never broken par, and that's without being setup for a PGA Tour event. I'd set the over/under at 85.

From GHIN:

photo source

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bplewis24 says:
Does this guy have a decent handicap at least?

I looked it up by his name in the GHIN database and it looks like he plays to a 2.3 handicap with that as his home course.

What are the chances he breaks 90?

Kickntrue says:
@bplewis24- the one thing he does have going for him is home course, but I'm guessing he's never played it like it will be setup. Or maybe he did last year- before the tournament or something and that's why he thinks he can. We'll see with a gallery and pressure. I'd be surprised if he breaks 80 for sure.
birdieXris says:
i wonder if their "board" has ok'd this. I mean, if he does this and doesn't put in a good showing at all, he may have done irreparable damage to the face of the company in some people's eyes.

Dick move.
mjaber says:
Forget email... find out if he's on Twitter
tcjonny says:
They were talking about this on the radio this morning about how he says he routinely shoots 80 on his home course..... they were taking over/unders on if he'd be 8 shots behind the next to last person.... i'll take the over
birdieXris says:
I can't wait until the tournament. For this week though, i'm going to watch as the Pros completely destroy the Old White course at the Greebriar. I put the winner at -12 easily.
ot says:
I smell WD after a 54 on the opening 9
lcgolfer64 says:
What's the over/under on him nailing a spectator with an errant shot(s)?

I'm going to go with '2' since I'm thinking he won't get past the first cut.
Kurt the Knife says:
*disgusted, embarrassed sarcasm on*

class act.
brianshaffer32 says:
It looks like the lost he has shot is 75 at his home course, followed by a 78 and then an 81, psh some home course advantage that is... wow, pathetic
rmumph1 says:
Why is the CR and slope changing? Is he playing different tees, does it change for hole location? unfamiliar on how this is calculate.
svj says:
Trav says:
Anyone this in love with himself will not respond to criticism, so if you're writing be sure make fun of him. Vain people hate to be laughed at.
mjaber says:
@rmumph1... it appears he was playing courses other than his "home" course, if I'm reading the legend correctly. He also entered them via the internet, which makes me question the scores (because he's a big corp. exec).
dad-2-3 says:
ANyone notice these scores are from a year ago??
KVSmith59 says:
lol. if you were in his shoes and had a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this you'd jump on it too :)
birdieXris says:
What i do know is that this guy has pissed off nearly the entire golfing community. There are posts everywhere about said douchebaggery.
Banker85 says:
what a joke!
mjaber says:
Good... He didn't deserve a free pass. If he wants to play, he should make the tournament an OPEN and create a Monday qualifier, and try to play his way in.
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