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By Kickntrue on 7/26/10
Singer Amy Winehouse appears to have joined the Alice Cooper rehab method- golf baby!
'Rehab' singer Amy Winehouse has decided to take up golf in a bid to distract herself from booze and drugs.

Winehouse, 26, was at the fairway recently, and she liked it so much that she plans to take lessons.

"She played nine holes and loved it, she had a natural swing," the Sun quoted a source as saying.

"Amy wants to learn how to play properly," the source added.
Whelp. That's the whole story. Not much to go on, but sounds like she caught the bug. Let's hope so. While I'm not above blatantly rooting against someone, I like for it to be for douchbaggery and not for serious situations like drug and alcohol abuse. If this is what Winehouse needs to get better- then I'm all for it. Maybe she can get cleaned up a bit and start recording good music again- and I'm not just talking about catchy hits like that "Rehab" song. Make fun of me if you want- but I dig her soul. She can sing, which is more than you can say about half the "stars" shoved in our faces these days.

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birdieXris says:
that'll be interesting for sure.
TeT says:
Golf; its whats good for the soul...
Scott Shields says:
Glad someone else has the stones to admit her music is pretty quality. Right on man!
Scott Shields says:
As far as her look goes ... I love her hair, always have.
Kickntrue says:
@youngstructural- maybe.. but i used the best pic i could find. how about THIS amy winehouse? You dig it? www.flickr.com/photos/viernest/3028332423/
DrumGuy13 says:
I personally like the word "douchbaggery" to go along with my other fave "jackassery".
svj says:
golf just makes me abuse alcohol more, i don't know if it is good for amy...
Kurt the Knife says:
hmm. on the course to kick the juice.

flawed plan I reckon when ya can click on the gps and have 'em delivered hole by hole.
Bryan K says:
I think it's spelled "douchebaggery", btw.

But using golf as rehab is a good philosophy, the way I look at it. Whenever I feel the need to spark up a joint or hit the bottle, I just pick up the clubs instead.
MD76 says:
Or maybe she could attempt to give the sport of golf somemore negative publicity, not a good idea. I say wash our hands of this whole situation.
dewaddict6 says:
golf is a lot like getting high. the first tee shot is exhilarating, it's a break from reality and responsibilities are temporarily forgotten on the course.
Banker85 says:
i think golf is a great thing to be addicted too and can certainly help those who struggle with addiction. For me it is a healthy addiction.
E-Rawk says:
Funny, with the way I've been golfing its making me want to pick up a bottle or spark an owl......
legitimatebeef says:
Hell yeah. I love her as a musician, she is a fantastic singer and songwriter. Probably one of the last few people on earth you would expect to become a golf enthusiast. This is just proof that nobody is really immune to the golf bug.
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