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Just wait punks... September 11, 2010!
Umm... 57, That Ain't Bad!
By Kickntrue on 7/29/10
An Alabama teen won the Alabama Boys State Junior Championship this week. It turns out shooting a 57 will do that for you.
Bobby Wyatt shot a 57 at the Alabama Boys State Junior Championship.

The University of Alabama-bound teen, who turns 18 this weekend, had 12 birdies, an eagle and five pars Wednesday on the par-71, 6,628-yard course at the Country Club of Mobile. His birdie putt hung on the lip on the 18th green and he had to settle for par.
Aww, shucks. A Par?!

Wyatt has won the state's amateur tournament for the past 3 years. I guess it's fair to say 'Bama has a decent prospect headed their way. You know, if you define "decent" as "out of this world sick with the flat stick," otherwise it'd probably be fair to call Wyatt "good."

Thanks to the story tip from our (very active recently) forums. No "legal" pics- so enjoy this one of a couple jort-loving (it's fair to assume) Tide fans.

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mdbuschsr says:
Saw this on ESPN this morning. Really, REALLY impressive. Hell, I've come close to 57 in 9 recently!
birdieXris says:
Yea i caught it on Golf Central. Amazing to say the least. When will we see 18 under? I think it will be soon.
Backquak says:
Shot 55 last saturday...

at the par 3 course...

but it was even par for that course ;)
bducharm says:
57 is STUPID low - and he won his 4th straight shooting a horrible 70 today!!!
Swingem says:
57? That's some mad-skills, and being in-the-zone at the same time. I shot 58 once - on a computer golf game.
mjaber says:
Yeah... I'm pretty good with the news updates from time to time :)
aaronw409 says:
Roll Tide!
Clint24 says:
I really dont want to see this picture anymore......WAR EAGLE!!!
rmumph1 says:
Tiger BAIT!!! Geaux Tigers!!!
Banker85 says:
that is crazy! why go to college dude? go pro!
mmontisano says:
@Banker85 this was a junior event. he's not in college yet..... can you say scholarship?

but i thought the new grooves were supposed to even the playing field this year and prevent low scores. wth?
mmontisano says:
sorry, i misread your statement.

but yeah, get the money first, why the hell not? the kid is obviously used to winning, so he might as well test his game against the best, right?
srogers13 says:
Why not go pro, think Ty Tryon or Michelle Wie.
mmontisano says:
see, there's the thing. i really think the only mistake Michelle Wie made was trying to go against the men. she was a force, she was able to compete, and she finished well in the majors. she was ready...

i just think all of those MCs and near DFLs against the men messed with her confidence. then when add on wrist injury, it just compounded.
Banker85 says:
plus her parents were crazy
tholder4585 says:
This kid is a good friend of my cousin's. Roll Tide and congrats Bobby!!
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