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Scorecard Blunder Boots Robert Rock
By Kickntrue on 7/30/10
When is golf going to join the 21st century and keep score for their pros?! This is so stupid.
Robert Rock was kicked out of the Irish Open yesterday after a scoring blunder.

The English golfer had signed for a six-under 65 that would have put him just one behind leader David Howell - but tournament officials later discovered an error.

Rock, last year's runner-up, mixed up his scores on the 14th and 15th holes at the Killarney. He signed for a four and a three when he had taken a three and a four.

Tournament director David Probyn said: "The total was right but the hole scores he signed for were wrong so he was disqualified."
I get it- it's a "RULE," but it's a rule that was designed for back when players scores weren't known until they turned in their cards at the end of the round and everything was built on integrity. It was your card vs what your competitor says you shot- to ensure you weren't lying. These days, with live scoring, tv, electronics and people following you on the course- can we please move past this?! This mistake was not intentional and frankly, no more harmful than dropping your ball mark when you reach in your pocket for a tee.

I'm sure Rock will say all the right things, and how he will learn from his mistake, etc, etc, etc, but he shouldn't have to. The reason technological advances are so great in all aspects of life, is because they make like easier- and BETTER. The NFL doesn't require leather helmets because of "tradition" the same way a doctor would never give you a lobotomy to cure mental illness. It's just another example of golf being stupidity rooted in the idea of nostalgia and the idea of the "gentleman's game." No fan wants to see a player DQ'd for signing the wrong scorecard, especially one in or near the lead. There was no intent of wrongdoing by Rock and he shouldn't be punished for it.

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coojofresh says:
man this is the second such dumb incident in golf that has cost someone some money there should be a statement that says the official has the discretion to deal with rules on a case-by-case basis. because it was obviously a mistake.
Banker85 says:
it get your arguement, but cmon... how hard is it to keep track of numbers, in the correct order, and add them correctly? that is a rhetorical question.
Banker85 says:
I get*...
TeT says:
Guy I played with on Wed, keeps his score with + or - par and carded wrong number cause he forgot the backside was a 35.... I'm kinda with keeping up with your own and being accountable, in life as well as golf. Society makes it too easy for ppl to be irresponsible and lazy and golf does not need to mirror that.

Didnt mean to go there, but you get my drift...
tennesseeboy says:
I heard the PGA is planning to go to electronic scoring as soon as the oobgolf iPhone app is released.
Kickntrue says:
@tennesseeboy- wouldn't that be great. Have no clue what is up with Apple. They've had it down for well over a week.
zeg says:
I disagree. The rule has been in place for far longer than any active golfer has been alive, and all it requires is that you accurately record your own score. Sure, in high-profile events, there are enough markers and cameras, etc, that your score is known, but one of the great things (IMO) about Golf is that the rules are essentially the same at all levels. In smaller tournaments, nobody outside the group knows the truth until it's reported. The officials didn't kick this guy out for making an error, he kicked HIMSELF out by failing to pay adequate attention to his score.
kennygreen1722 says:
It does seem stupid considering this is medal play not match play. The only think that matters at the end of the round is the final number. What's the big deal if it's out of order? He wasn't deducting strokes. That said, at this level with a leader board in your face every other hole and most often a kid carrying a sign with your pairings current scores down the same fairway with you, how hard is to look up and do a quick bit of math before you hit your next tee shot or enter the scorer's tent?
newrider says:
Don't competitors keep each others scores as well? Did they both make a mistake? When something as important as turning in a correct score card makes the difference between being in contention or DQ'd I think I would definitely give it the attention it deserves. As far as the rules go it is what it is and I doubt if it will be changed in my lifetime. If you want to embrace technology just Google your score at PGA or European and compare.
heikkih says:
There was no intent of wrongdoing, but noone plans to hit a ball oob. It's still a penalty.

It is actually his marker who probably have put in the wrong numbers, but it is Rocks responsibility when he is signing the scorecard. A wrong scorecard will always lead to a DQ, and that's the way it should be.

I took part in a smaller amateur-tournament earlier this summer where a competitor turned in a scorecard with correct scores. He was DQ'd because he actually forgot to sign his card. The rules are there on all levels.
heikkih says:
Besides, the problem wasn't that he mixed up the scores, the problem was that he put in a 3 when he scored a 4 on the 15th hole.
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