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The side of Appleby's head...
Appleby Fires 59 To Win Greenbrier
By Kickntrue on 8/1/10
Stuart Appleby fired a 59 in the final round of the Greenbriar Classic to hold of Jeff Overton who flirted with the allusive number yesterday. Unreal! How nuts is this? Well...
In the entire history of the PGA Tour, which dates to 1916, there had been a total of three official scores of 59, and none since 1999.

Now, in the span of 24 days, there have been two more -- as well as three scores of 60.
This doesn't even include Ryo Ishikawa's 59 on the Japanese Tour a couple months ago.

Sadly, still can't make up for a "strong field" (go ahead- let me have it!). I turned on the Greenbriar Classic- got the gist of what Appleby was doing, and then promptly turned it back to Encore HD to watch "The Rock" for the 127th time in my life. I probably should have tried to catch the last putt though, but sadly missed it. Joking aside, it sounds like it was a pretty great finish.

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sepfeiff says:
Yea, those new grooves are really making a difference.
sepfeiff says:
Sarcasmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ^^^^
Matt F says:
Winning the Greenbriar means he has entry into the Bridgestone up the road from here in Akron. If he came second, he would not be playing.

birdieXris says:
I made that same putt for a birdie on the last to shoot 79 there in June. That was a tough putt to read. Everything looks like it breaks the other way and it really helps if you're playing the round with someone and you can watch their putt - doesn't matter where it's from.
I didn't watch any of it- just because i was always golfing myself - but i followed on the Golf channel app.
HotBacon says:
A close second storyline from yesterday was Jeff Overton's missed birdie on 17. I've never seen a PGA tour player openly show what a headcase he is. Not only was he ready to throw a temper tantrum after the putt "hit something", but he talked to himself until the end.
Banker85 says:
It was fun to watch all the low numbers being posted. I mean there were 4 legit opportunites to break 60 over the weekend. Overton, DA Points, JB holmes, and of course Appleby.
mmontisano says:
Ryo Ishikawa posted a 58 earlier this year.

and Joe Ogilvie tweeted this yesterday:
"USGA repeat after me, more spin is harder, less spin is easier."
Banker85 says:
The more spin is harder on the softer greens, but firmer greens the new v grooves dont give as much spin making it harder. so with the v grooves on softer greens it is easier were before guys would spin the ball back way too far sometimes.
mmontisano says:
true, but pros have been complaining for years that greens are too soft. instead of making the courses longer, just make the greens harder and grow the rough a little longer. boom, you've got a tougher course.
Lennox says:
Second time around this year! Looks like Appleby's 59 was the easiest of them all, LOL.

Using current course slopes and ratings, here are the differentials for the 5 59's. The course slope/rating may have changed since the 59 was posted, but I'm going with the information that I can find:

Geiberger: (59 - 76.8) * 113 / 142 = -14.16
Goydos: (59 - 75.3) * 113 / 145 = -12.70
Duval: (59 - 74.6) * 113 / 140 = -12.59
Beck: (59 - 73.4) * 113 / 131 = -12.42
Appleby: (59 - 73.7) * 113 / 137 = -12.1248175
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