By Kickntrue on 8/2/10
Paula... I take back everything I've ever said about you not being "hot." I hope your new look takes the LPGA by storm! I wish oh I wish oh I wish there was a picture I had the rights to actually post on this site! For now- ignore the picture on the right- and check out this link!

Paula Creamer In Knee High Socks

I thought about this after the fact, but probably an oversight on my part not to at least give props to the actual Women's British Open Champ, Yani Tseng! Didn't see much of the tournament, but she got off to a hot start to take the lead and then head on yesterday to capture her 3rd career major and ending the USA's run of women's majors at two. It's a shame Yani's English isn't a little better because my guess is we'd dig her. People who know say she's hilarious (Christina Kim= people who know) and she sings too (she even has an album). Apparently (again, Christina Kim's book) she's about the funniest thing you've ever seen on a dance floor, too. Congrats to Yani!

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stringbean79 says:
Wow...I agree. Creamer was already hot, but thats taking it to a whole new level!
sepfeiff says:
I wish she was the golfer next door, ridiculously cute.
birdieXris says:
I'm liking the knee high socks look. The black outfit she had on was nice too! I think it was for Fridays? round. don't quote me on that.
guzzlingil says:
She looked smokin hot at the Ladies US Open.......
coojofresh says:
she good looking. i like her attitude too.
MJKern44 says:
Sorry, just not into it...Paula I mean as I am definately into the socks! I watched these girls at this years US Open and I'll tell you she isn't all that hot in person..Natalie Gulbis is though! She is even better looking in person and she is great posture
Banker85 says:
gulbis is wierd looking IMO. Now that pic is hot, my wife wore some like that with blue lines on the top but same style saturday and lets just say i got a hole in one, LOL!
666 Iron says:
Not bad....
vja430 says:
I have seen her in person and she is beautiful and hot....
Panerai111 says:
BigDoctorJ says:
Banker85 you're hilarious!!!!
sierra164 says:
paula > natalie
MikeyBomp says:
Paula is the hottest golfer ever!!!!
JennMac says:
You boys are loving the socks because of the whole school girl fantasy thing aren't you??? hehehe!
Werepuppie says:
Must be it.
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