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Bernhard Langer Wins Sr. US Open
By Kickntrue on 8/2/10
I can't believe it has taken me this long to put a finger on why I'm not a Bernhard Langer fan- it's all about the mullet! My number one rule in life has always been, "never trust a man with a mullet." Sadly, as the 'do has drifted more and more out of style, I lost touch with this life lesson and it's taken me the last 2 weeks of Langer dominating old-man golf for me to recognize the situation. How silly of me?!

Anyway- if you can get beyond the haircut (but how could you?), I guess you can appreciate his golf.
Bernhard Langer tapped in on the 18th on Sunday to win the U.S. Senior Open by three shots at Sahalee Country Club, capitalizing on Couples' one lone mistake to crash the party a partisan crowd was ready to throw for Couples.

Playing in an atmosphere more suited for a Ryder Cup than the final round of a major, Langer was undeterred by the more than 30,000 rooting for Couples, shooting a bogey-free 3-under 67 to win his second Champions Tour major in consecutive weeks.
My takeaway from this event was definitely the course. I turned to the event multiple times over the weekend and was amazed time and time again with how Sahalee Country Club looked in HD. So green- and it looked tough too. Every tee shot looked like the guys were hitting through pin holes. I don't know much about the course- but I'm hoping they can stretch it a bit and get the younger guys on it for an event. It looked fantastic!

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Sahalee A Hit

PS Story Time- when I was in college, I started my first company, PAMOC. It stood for "People Against Mullets On Children." The whole "business-plane" was built around these ridiculous t-shirt ideas. At any rate- the first (and as it were, only) t-shirt we ever made featured a loving hand on a child's shoulder (with a mullet) and the line "PAMOC - Please stop the child abuse." The shirt designed never said what PAMOC was and the screen printing shop, not knowing it was a big joke gave us a huge discount on the work (we didn't find out until it was time to pay) because they thought they were doing the work for a charity against child abuse. I guess they kind of were...

/RIP Wesley Willis

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Werepuppie says:
The course was used for the 98 PGA Championship won by Vijay Singh.The tees were just up for the seniors.I am sure we will see this course again in a major championship on the regular tour.
Banker85 says:
They definitley had to drive thru some tight holes, (thats what she said) those old guys are freaking good! couples though chunked that wedge shot like i would on a bad day, it was nasty and hard to watch. Langer is GOOD!
nickp says:
Kicking myself over missing this (it's about 70 miles north). I even got offered free tickets for sunday (albeit late saturday night when I had already made plans).
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