Turning Stone Resort
Ray Halbritter Un-Exempts Himself
By Kickntrue on 8/3/10
Last week we told you about the Turning Stone Resort CEO who gave himself a Sponsor's Exemption into the PGA Tour event this week. I guess after a week of ridicule on the internet he's decided to go back on that decision. I'm glad we could play some small part in him doing the right thing.
“My goal was to celebrate, not detract from, our wonderful tournament, its players and fans,” Halbritter said in a prepared statement. “The focus this week should be on the great game of golf and enjoying the exciting competition on the course. I do not want my participation to distract from our championship and the talented professionals who have chosen to compete here.”
Aww, man. Now I almost feel bad for the poor bastard. Sure he was using his power to give himself a chance to do something most could only dream about, but while his decision was questionable from the standpoint of fairness and logic, it wasn't actually unethical or illegal. I'm sure most CEO's probably do things more shady on a daily basis behind closed doors.

At any rate- good job by Halbritter doing the right thing and trying to make the best of this bad PR situation. I'm sure as CEO he can still get himself out on the course this week to see how he would've done. I don't think anyone would have a problem with him teeing off early at tomorrow's Pro-Am and then getting a bite to eat and going out again on an afternoon 4-some. Show us what you could've done! Prove us wrong.

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birdieXris says:
I read the whole story. what a crock. Know what... if that was your intention - to show these youths yadda yadda, why not say it right off the bat rather than saying "well i spoke with the people in charge and i'm in". This guy tried to get into a spot that everyone knew would have been better put to use other ways and got called on it. now he's trying to save face.

Want to show people how to overcome a hard life -- give the spot to butch lumpkin. Otherwise give it to a deserving tour pro who is going to give the people, who paid their hard earned money, a good show. I have no sympathy for this guy.
Kurt the Knife says:
"I wanted to use the platform afforded by our event to show the public, particularly American Indian youth, what can be accomplished by someone with a challenging background who puts his mind and heart into it.”

"ooo ooo how can I distract attention from what an idiot I am?
let's see, the troops? Jesus? our children? ooo MINORITY CHILDREN!!!
and natives at that..."


Oh man,
What an embarrasssing load of crap.
This guy is really a tool.
Banker85 says:
atleast he isnt playing bottom line. give him that much. And i would never feel sorry for a millionare CEO. boo hoo go golf at one of your country clubs.
bplewis24 says:
Questionable reasoning aside, I was actually sort of curious to see how he performed. For some reason it always intrigues me to see how accurate course handicaps are.

Kickntrue says:
@bplewis24- yah... i think that's part of it for me. bastard move- yes. curious- absolutely. i mean.. say it's not the CEO, but a kid he pulled off the local high school team. Just as undeserving compared to a pro, right? But everyone would root for the kid. Much better PR to go that route though...
mjaber says:
I think if he really wanted to play, he should change the tourney next year to an "open" format with a qualifier and try to get in the old fashioned way... by earning it.
sigmapete1 says:
I dunno, I'm on this guy's side the whole way. Without the corporate sponsors, the PGA Tour ceases to exist. There's no god given right to make millions of $$s just because you might be better at golf. It's at the whim of the CEOs of all the sponsors that these guys even make a dime. So I say if any CEO wants to play in a tournament they essentially decided their company would fund, he can do whatever the hell he wants.
bkuehn1952 says:
He should buy himself a spot in the AT&T National Pro-Am or the Hope. That is about as close to playing in a real tournament as he should expect. Most golfers, including me, would love a chance to be inside the ropes. It is hard for me to think too poorly of Halbritter when all he was doing was fulfilling a fantasy that many of us have had.
JennMac says:
I still think he is a douche bag. Regardless if he wanted to play or not its all about public perception. That's what the pro-am is for.
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