Anthony Kim Is Back
By Kickntrue on 8/4/10
Anthony Kim is back after a couple months off for thumb surgery. It's good to have him back! In a year when a lot of different players have been winning and playing well, it seems the interest in the sport overall has diminished a bit. There's one obvious reason for this, but beyond Tiger's struggles, I think there is a 2nd level of top players like Kim, Harrington, McIlroy, Fowler, Stricker, Furyk, etc, who've been so hit or miss that it's just tough to get excited each week. I think Kim is the kind of player who can get on a roll and win a couple weeks in a row- and playing through the pain- he was playing some of the best golf of his life. Of course- since he's been gone, it's gotten tougher out there.
On the day Anthony Kim left the PGA Tour because the pain in his left thumb was so severe, the guy he was playing with shot 62 to win the tournament and another halfway around the world shot 58 to win his event.

Since then, there have been two 59s on the PGA Tour, three 60s and a 63 at a major championship. There was even a 57 at a junior event.

"I guess everyone has gotten a lot better since I've been away," Kim said Tuesday at Firestone Country Club, where he returns after a three-month layoff at the Bridgestone Invitational.

Kim, 25, who is notoriously aloof when it comes to the goings-on in his own sport (he admitted to never having heard of Louis Oosthuizen before seeing that the South African had a five-shot lead during the final round of the Open), kept a low profile and didn't follow the game much since playing his last round May 2 at the Quail Hollow Championship.
I suppose certain people would find it easy to dislike Kim, especially a younger Kim with his brash attitude and cockiness, but that's everything I love about him. I want him to be bold. I want him to go for pins. I want him to put his foot on his opponent's throat.

Man... I can't help but think we've thought that before... I just can't quite put my finger on it.

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mjaber says:
I wonder if he hurt his thumb lifting that belt-buckle of his...
Banker85 says:
was it Tiger?! i bet it was!!! i like the cocky attitude myself. people say i am cocky and i just laugh in their FACE! haha not really but i have heard that i am rambling blah blah see you chumps later going to golf in the rain yah me!
sepfeiff says:
Not a fan. Followed his group at the Byron Nelson a few years back. He missed a green left by 20 yards with his approach. When he got to the green and saw his lie (buried) he hit the greenside mic with his club and pieces went flying everywhere. The PGA staff scrambled to replace the unit after his group moved on. What a turd.
Kickntrue says:
@sepfeiff- it's all a matter of perspective. phil does that- and he's a "fiery competitor that just wants to win."

/but i hear you, just making counter-point
sepfeiff says:
@Kickntrue - oh no not Phil the thrill!
birdieXris says:
I'm down with AK. he's cocky - you have to be at least a little bit to be a star and not just a good player. I'm looking forward to his return. I really want him to place well if not win, just to stick it in Tiger's face.
SD Charlie says:
I'm liking Kim more as he grows up and the more I read about him. Remember, he's only 25. How much stupid stuff did any of us do when we were 25(and younger)? I know I did my fair share of foolish, self-centered things. It's all part of growing up. Bottom line: he's an excellent golfer, and when he's on, it sure is fun to watch.
bplewis24 says:
mmontisano says:
i once listened to him talk about his game at a Nike gathering in a Golfsmith here in Dallas just after his thumb surgery, and it was amazing to hear about his thought processes about his game. he's completely a feel player. when he wants to his a fade, he just thinks fade, then swings. he doesn't pick out precise spots either. he just hits it in general directions and then hopes for the best.

he sounds like us common hacks, he's just able to pull off the shots.
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