Mahan Wins. Oh, Mickelson Sucks Too!
By Kickntrue on 8/9/10
If we're going to jump on Tiger's performance, it's only fair to get on Mickelson, too, who again failed to take over the world's number 1 spot! Phil needed to finish 4th or better to be mathematically the best golfer in the world, and after the first two rounds it certainly looked feasible. Here's a small tidbit you may have missed though- while everyone was piling on Tiger. Mr. Woods shot the worst 4 consecutive rounds of his life this weekend, finishing 2 shots away from dead last. His final round 77 yesterday was horrendous, and one of the worst rounds of Tiger's career. Did you catch what Phil shot yesterday? That would be a 78. I'm not saying being in the top 4 of any event should be a lock, but it certainly seemed like Mickelson tightened up somewhere along the way. It will be interesting to see what the math turns out to be this week- because it sees Phil have another shot to prove he's not a choke-artist.

Because I can't see doing another post on it... Hunter Mahan deserves a ton of credit for a final round -6 to come from the middle of the field for the win at the Bridgestone Invitational. The 64 was tied for the best round of the day and he left a group of solid but not spectacular players in his wake as he vaulted up the leaderboard. And wow- Firestone Country Club is beautiful!

Mahan Wins

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And this happened... Just once I want something like this...

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sepfeiff says:
Could it be that Mickelson has too many thoughts about being world #1 going through his head?

I played with my regular partner yesterday, he was -1 through 17. He had waay too much time and thought over his shots on the 18th. Drove it into a fairway bunker, fatted a chip and then 3 putted for a double to post a 73.
falcon50driver says:
My man disappointed me AGAIN.
coojofresh says:
Phil is way too up and down. Glad Hunter Mahan in a hotdog stand won. Would have preferred a Nike club user to win, but PING is doing good.
SingleDigits says:
Did you see Hunter put his 2nd shot on the par 5 #16th hole into the flower bed in the concession area towards the 17th tee? As the announcer mentioned, if not for the flower bed the ball probably would have gone into the parking lot. As it was (and after a free drop), Hunter got up & down for a par.
TeT says:
havent you ever bounced off a tree for a Fairway Hit, all counts the same in the end...
Backquak says:
I was hoping Ryan would come through but Hunter had an awesome round and thats that. Congrads to Hunter and a pretty nice pay check for Ryan's solo 2nd.
Swingem says:
Ya - Phil sucks, except when he doesn't. Never can tell which Phil will show up. To your point, TW certainly had a lot of big-name company at the bottom of the leader board this weekend. Good win for Mahan.
mmontisano says:
i may have a chance to play Firestone in early Oct. fingers crossed!
Banker85 says:
Phil blew it! Tiger got worse each day... i was rooting for Sean O'Hair but Mahan deservd it!
legitimatebeef says:
If he never reaches no.1, mr phil will certainly rue these missed opportunities. Seems like he has had a number of ripe opportunities this year. But perhaps the chance to retain top ranking can provide mr woods with some incentive to start playing well.
Matt F says:
@badcaddy- they actually allowed the public to play the North course on Sunday. $105 shotgun start. If anyone around this area is interested, keep an eye on their website for the details as apparently, they do it every year.
c5agalb says:
OUCH! Take easy on Phil, not like he didnt win the MASTERS or anything. If I was going to pick one to win a year- that'd be it.
mmontisano says:
@mwfaith1971 the South Course? because that would be a dream come true.

apparently, they have very strict rules and time slots for letting people play the South Course. i'm having a heck of a time trying to make it happen.

but if i have to play either the North or West Course, you find me complaining too much.
MartijnL says:

Could have something to do with Phil his play.
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