Dreamboat Brady Golfs
By Kickntrue on 8/10/10
This post is mostly a test- to see how hard Kevin is working on submitting an update for our mobile app. When Kevin goes headsdown on development, sometimes I don't see him or talk to him for days. This is a test.
Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reported on Sunday that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady spent the morning on the golf course, playing at Willowbend Country Club, which is a private course on the Cape in Mashpee.


This report is certainly good news for any fans who still have doubts in the back of their mind about the relationship between the two. Hopefully this means that the two sides are getting closer, or maybe even went out to celebrate the consumation of a deal.
I can't think of a single human being on earth that bothers Kevin as much as Tom Brady. He thinks he's a completely overrated QB and gets way too much attention in all aspects of life. While I certainly understand disliking a rival, Kevin takes his hate of Brady to a new level. It's hard for me to imagine Kevin fighting but the one situation I could see him throwing a punch is where someone walks up to him and says Tom Brady is the best QB to walk the face of the earth. Personally, I'm more annoyed at his perfectness and will cede the fact that he throws a pretty decent spiral.

Anyway- Dreamboat is golfing- so that makes this story oobworthy. Ladies- here's a picture to enjoy. Guys- you can enjoy it too, just not too much. That's creepy.

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birdieXris says:
"HEY BRADY! what color suit do you wanna be buried in" LOL
Banker85 says:
LOL, sounds like a clear cut case of jealousy!
greendevil says:
Kevin must be a big Penn State fan too. Or like banker said, jealous.

No response from Kevin yet; must mean he's working hard. Good test boss.
rmumph1 says:
Saints play on Thursday. Hooray Football!!!
klangdon says:
yes i am getting close on the iphone app and yes i hate brady. hate doesn't happen overnight or for a single reason. it starts as a dedicated penn state fan that requires disliking every qb from michigan. it turns to a very strong dislike when as a dedicated steelers fan you get relocated to boston (nothing worse than patriots fans). throw in media orgasms about the guy, cheating, and impregnating too many attractive women, and you now have hate...
lcgolfer64 says:
The last line ^^ after cheating is the tell all, Banker... Yep it's jealousy!
Just kidding Kevin
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