Does Tiger + Sean Foley = <3?
By Kickntrue on 8/10/10
Canadian swing coach Sean Foley (Hunter Mahan, Sean O'Hair, Stephen Ames and others) walked a couple holes with Tiger today at his PGA Championship practice round and was video taping swings. Is a new relationship blooming?
Foley says Woods asked him to look at his swing during Tuesday's practice round at the PGA Championship. On two holes, Foley stood behind and in front of Woods to videotape his swing.

Asked if he was working with Woods, Foley said, "I wouldn't say that. But the possibility is there."

Woods played with Mahan and O'Hair, as he did at The Players Championship in May when Foley joined him and prompted speculation of a new swing coach. Foley dropped back after nine holes to spend time with Ames.
Hmmm... the plot thickens, when we realize this has happened before. Of course, when it happened before, Tiger wasn't coming off the worst 72 holes of his life. I could see this happening- but Mahan and O'Hair are pretty big clients. Does Foley have enough time for all of them? Of course- if you're Foley, you'd drop either one of them in a second, for the chance, right?! ... Before he does that, he may want to talk to Butch or Hank.

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brianshaffer32 says:
I was really hoping that this mess that Tiger has been in was all related to mental issues, him looking for a swing coach means that Tiger is a lot further off than I had hoped... But at least he is trying something!
Banker85 says:
It has to be both right now. As great a ball striker Tiger is to shot a 18 over like this weekend there has to be some swing flaws there. Now the mental part comes in when he has a chance to win and on the greens, even though his putter is as cold as ice right now. If getting a swing coach helps him i am rotting for him.
The Full Monty says:
Getting a swing coach is one of the best steps that he can take at this point.

It will force him to approach his game with increased focus, put in the required practice time, and help him understand his swing issues. Mostly, it shows that he's serious about winning again.

Tiger hates the dreaded pull shot more than anything and a coach will take that out of his game in no time.

I’m pulling for him too. It’s not everyday that a player of Tiger’s caliber enters the golf world. If he doesn't win 18+ majors then the next golfer who could probably hasn't even been born yet.

Harmon, Haney, Foley?
mmontisano says:
if Butch Harmon and Dave Stockton can handle their huge stable of pro golfers that they teach, then i think Foley should be able to handle it too.
rclark0809 says:
"Before he does that, he may want to talk to Butch or Hank."

From what I can see both are great teachers, but would either of them be household names, or have a show on the "Golf Channel" if it wasn't for their time with Tiger?
vja430 says:
Good move for tiger...he has realize that he can't do it by himself..he has always had someone to help him...
mdbuschsr says:
IF this happens, and it turns out that they can work together, then I say good for him. Course, at this point it's all conjecture.
svj says:
you can't do it a lone. i don't care how great tiger is and how many golf balls he has hit since 3 hours old. you have to have extra eyes to see what is happening. when one thing in the swing gets strong, one thing gets weak... tiger should've done this like his love life, when one goes, have another one already lined up...
Lennox says:
For those of us who actually have asked a coach to look at our own swings, we all realize that you NEED to have someone else analyze your swing. It's almost impossible to do it by yourself. I think, if Foley is the new guy, that it's a good move on Tiger's part. If Tiger isn't actually planning on using *anyone* and wants to stick by his guns, I think that's a mistake. Best thing I ever did for my game was get a coach.
GolfGeek69 says:
Mr. Woods is damaged goods and I think any coach that takes him in is risking ruining his reputation. As I have stated many times, until Mr. Woods can recompense what he has done to damage the sport and his family, he has no place in golf in my opinion. I wish he would go away and I enjoy every week that he blows up and misses a cut. He is a pig and deserves every bitter sweet missed cut and +8 round.
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