Back To Back Aces For Bro-In-Laws
By Kickntrue on 8/11/10
Brother-in-laws hit back to back hole-in-one's this past week in Tyler, Texas. The odds of doing that are around 1 in 17,000,000. This is just like a brother-in-law... to not let you even have a moment of glory to yourself!
Buddy Camper and his brother-in-law Wayne Rogers have played on more than 350 golf courses in 12 countries.

But they were involved in an extraordinary circumstance on Sunday at the Hide-A-Way Lake Club Course.

Rogers, of Gilroy, Calif., and Camper, of Hideaway, hit back-to-back aces on the 157-yard No. 5 hole on the East Course. Both used 7-irons.

"We've been golfing some 45 years and we haven't had a hole-in-one," said Camper, 66. "We've been close, but this was the first time."
This gets even better. You know the saying, "there are no pictures on a scorecard...?" Well... ya.
Rogers hit first.

"I was playing pretty well until I hit on No. 5," said Rogers, who has a residence at Hideaway as well. "I stepped up and bladed it. It didn't get three feet in the air. We were laughing at it. Then it took one skip off the water and I didn't think it would make it over the barrier in front of the green, but it hit a pile of rocks and went some 100 feet in the air. It then landed on the edge of the green and it started to roll. It probably rolled for about 10 seconds and went into the cup.

"We were like two kids -- yelling and screaming."

Then it was Camper's turn. He hit a classic golf shot.

"I hit a pretty good shot and it hit on the green," Camper said. "It rolled up on the green and into the hole. We couldn't believe it."
That reads like one of those old Michael Jordan vs Larry Bird McDonalds commercials, "Nothing but Net!" The funny thing is- we've all experienced it. I've never hit or witnessed an ace, but the closest efforts I've seen (hit the pin) have been off the worst shots. Amazing!

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Banker85 says:
YA my fatherinlaw hit a driver on a 170yd par 3 hit the fringe, then the flag stick and rolled about 20 feet away. He bragged about that for the rest of the season and still does every time we play that course.

The closest i came was bladed shot too, it was a liner from about 165 that hit short and rolled up to about 6 inches.
tennesseeboy says:
I'll take all the luck I can get but it's just not the same when a great shot is the result of a really bad swing and some really good luck. My best shot last year was the third shot on a par 5 dog leg. A big tree was blocking the green so I'm aiming for a spot in the fairway 40 yards in front of the green. I hit a big slice that goes around the tree and rolls to about 10 inches from the hole. 60 yards from where I was aiming but 10 inches from the hole. It didn't feel like a great accomplishment but I took the birdie anyway.
Bryan K says:
Funny....I have yet to hit a crappy shot that got any kind of luck like that. All of the shots that I've hit that have hit the pin or gotten within the three foot circle from a distance or gone in the hole from off the green were well struck balls. The "rub of the green" always seems to rub the wrong way for me.
Bryan K says:
Speaking of luck...I played with a 16 year old kid earlier this year sho said he had three aces in his life. The first was when he was like 12. The next two came on back to back rounds on back to back nights on the same hole earlier this year. His buddy vouched for him, and he plays about a six handicap, so I believe him.
lcgolfer64 says:
The only ace I've witnessed was quite a few years ago. I was with a friend who was literally a 'chunker' (self described himself that way - it's a level or two below a 'hack') we were on a muni par 3 course.

It was about a straight-away 200 yd par 3. He 'built' his tee (literally whacking the tee box grass with an iron to build a mound to put the ball on...) hit a 3 wood that worm-burned up the fairway, skipped about 3 or 4 times, finally hopped on the green and disappeared. We walked up and sure enough, it was in the hole.

Definitely not the the dream hole in one we see in our head!
bkuehn1952 says:
Whatever happened to Jackie Gagne!?! She has to be up to about 200 aces by now.
JuKu says:
Camber made a hole in one and still didn't get the honor on the next tee! :P :-)
wolverine2u says:
I have been involved in one such hole in one. My buddy and i were playing at a local course here in augusta, ga., when we went up to the tee box and he realized that he had forgotten his ball in the cart for some odd reason. He asked if i had a ball on me and i said yes. Well he hit it in the hole for an ace and i never saw the ball again. I kid him every now and again when we play and come to a par 3, but he knows im not gonna give him another ball.
falcon50driver says:
Played with a guy who put his first ball in the water, second shot from the tee screamed across the green , hit a landscaping timber, came back and dropped in the hole, nice par. Best bad shot I ever saw was when playing in Waco. Partners tee shot on a 150 yard par 3 flew the green real high into the trees 50 yards past the green and somehow ricocheted out and stopped on the lip of the hole, nice birdie.
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