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Beautiful Whistling Striaghts
Fog Delays PGA Championship
By Kickntrue on 8/12/10
The PGA Championship should be kicking off shortly, once the fog lifts. Tiger goes off early. I guess it was smart to give him Thursday morning/Friday afternoon. That way they'll get to keep him in Wisconsin for the TV cameras as long as possible. He'll be watching Saved By The Bell reruns in Windemere by Saturday morning.

Fortunately- the PGA of America has their act together and we can actually watch most of this wonderful event. The PGA Championship often gets cast off as the least sexy major- and while going up against the other 3 kind of forces that "fact," the PGA does have one great thing going for it- it's last! We have nothing else to look forward to with golf (okay- maybe the Ryder Cup) until next April- so we need to enjoy every last putt. TNT has television coverage from 1pm-8pm ET and online coverage begins whenever the fog delay is over. The video player looks fantastic. Not sure yet if it's "real" coverage or featured group crap.


PGA Championship Site (VIDEO)
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Tee Times
Hole Locations... Sure, why not?! (PDF)

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[ comments ]
Banker85 says:
so are you now saying he wont make the cut?
birdieXris says:
I don't understand, it looks fine and clear on the webcast. Let's go PGA, get 'em on the course. I wanna see some f'n golf!
brianshaffer32 says:
It is supposed to be Tiger, Vijay, ,and Y.E.'s group, not coverage
Banker85 says:
not a bad group. I agree i would be teeing off. Not like they wont have cameras and thousands of people watching to see where the ball went....
birdieXris says:
and all of the sudden, Tiger is -2. This could be interesting.
svj says:
tw is looking good, looked a little fast on the tee of 14th.. if you watch tiger swing and when he is trying to hit a cut, that when he speeds it up. if he is hitting his cut good, he is unbeatable.
Banker85 says:
-3 thru 5... hmmm
birdieXris says:
ughh. someone needs to teach the camera operators that nobody cares about the reaction until later. Let us see where the damn ball is going !!!
wrhall02 says:
agree...they are not tracking they ball worth a darn.
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