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By Kickntrue on 8/12/10
If I haven't enticed you this week with's series MoneyGolf, it's just not going to happen for you. STILL- I'll perservere- and try one last time. What I love about today's article- is that we wrote it about 3 years ago. Basically, it shows the paradox of putting, how it's the most important part of golf, yet statistically the most irrelevant.
But does putting really have an outsize impact on the game of golf? After the MIT team established its putting rankings, it calculated which golfers pick up the most strokes off the green. The top five names may be familiar to you: Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Jim Furyk, Phil Mickelson, and Ernie Els. No "upstart bumpkins" to be found.

The authors underline the starkness of these results: "All the top 20 golfers are better than average off-green performers, while roughly a third are worse than average putters." Three-time major champion Singh, for example, drops one-third of a stroke per round with his putting but gains 2.3 strokes with his other shots. While it certainly wouldn't hurt Singh to perform better on the greens, his superior shot-making more than makes up for any weakness with the putter. The opposite scenario doesn't hold: Great putting will never make up for not being able to consistently crush the ball into the horizon. A golfer's power also gives his long-iron shots a higher trajectory, allowing him to land the ball more softly on the greens, which in turn allows for greater accuracy.

It's not that putting doesn't count. It does. But a golfer without a world-class long game simply can't be world class.
Like I said- we're awesome. We wrote this same thing 3 years ago. kind of cheated today- releasing two articles today- but one is more a funny video slideshow- worth a watch- but not going to stimulate your inner stat junkie. One more to go tomorrow! They're really teasing by not telling us the title.

/waiting with bated breath.

Is Winning Luck?
Why You Aren't A Pro Golfer (Video Slideshow)

3 Years Ago on oob - Putting Schmutting

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Banker85 says:
that really squashes the post about if a scratch golfer could hang with the pros! now i guess i have to give up my dreams of going pro. thanks alot!
cjgiant says:
I either don't understand the statistics (likely) or think this falls into making the stats say what you want them to (read the last line): "This kind of luck cannot be directly measured. What Connolly and Rendleman do is model what a player is expected to shoot, accounting for their recent play, the course, and the weather. They then declare any deviation from that expected score attributable to 'luck.'"
falcon50driver says:
There are three kinds of people.... Liars, Damn Liars, and Statisticians.... Also 44% of statistics don't mean anything.
SD Charlie says:
To Banker85 - they're not saying that you couldn't hang with the pros, they're just saying that the elite-level golfers all have one thing in common, a long game that is above-average to superb. If you're lacking in that category, but can make it up with excellent putting or the ability to handle pressure, then you can hang. Remember, there are more than 20 golfers on the Tour. We just happen to hear about the same 20-30 names week in, week out.
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