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By Kickntrue on 8/15/10
I'm on vacation* this week, but I'd never just leave you hanging. Nathan Trifone, who has contributed to oob in the past, will be posting a blog or so daily, but that's not good enough, is it?! No way! That's why I've decided to have "Retro-Week" where we'll share posts from oob's past. I don't mean to get too nostalgic (we've only been around 4 years...) but there is a lot we did in the early days of oob that we're pretty proud of that not too many people have ever seen.

So, whether you're new or old to oob- I hope you'll enjoy some posts from our past! Some of them are still relevant today, others, will sound ridiculous (you'll know when you get there). At any rate- they are what they are. Thanks and I'll be back for all of oob's ridiculousness next Monday!

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* I haven't taking a vacation like this maybe ever. A couple years ago I visited Nepal and India for 2 weeks but was still connected to oob. I'm staying in the states this time- but for a week of absolute peace. A ranch in Montana** beckons me. Huge amounts of acreage, four-wheelers, motorcycles, white water rafting, guns and family. No cell reception. No internet. No tv channels. Not even a land line. I'm so ridiculously pumped!

/please don't burn oob down without me!

** From John Steinbeck:

"For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love. . . It seems to me that Montana is a great splash of grandeur. The scale is huge but not overpowering. The land is rich with grass and color, and the mountains are the kind I would create if mountains were ever put on my agenda. Montana seems to me to be what a small boy would think Texas is like from hearing Texans."

If that doesn't get you pumped for a vacation... I don't know what could!

Steinbeck Quote

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knthornt says:
Montana is definitely on my lists of places to make it some day... Have fun, I am looking forward to the retro posts!!
sepfeiff says:
Have a great time on vaca. you deserve it.
elhacker says:
Don't forget to bring your flyrod and some bright salmon fly patterns. Have fun. The beartooths are spectacular. They don't call it big sky country for nothing.
Clint24 says:
Dont forget to take plenty of pictures! Have fun!
Kurt the Knife says:
I'd avoid that "brokeback" region.
Place is gettin to be like the Castro gone flannel plaid.

Not that there's anything WRONG with that.
I mean, some of my best friends are cattle ranchers
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